That Show – Misery Loves Company

At times, working as a cast member on “Saturday Night Live” can be far from entertaining, in truth, it can be profoundly distressing. On this installment of THAT SHOW, Nick explores the difficult seasons 10 disgruntled SNL cast members endured. From internal squabbles and office politics, to the stress of […]

That Show – No Respect: The Time Rodney Hosted SNL

Nick plunges into a comprehensive examination of Rodney Dangerfield’s solitary stint as the host of “Saturday Night Live.” This episode, which aired on March 8, 1980, predates the release of “Caddyshack” and marks the last season with the original cast, writers, and Lorne Michaels at the helm. The show presents […]

That Show – Sometimes They Come Back

Sometimes the most anticipated returns to “Saturday Night Live” just aren’t good….in fact, they can be very bad. In this episode, Nick looks back at five SNL returns that range from disappointing to downright disastrous: Chevy Chase’s first-time hosting was an egomaniacal nightmare that caused many issues, including a fistfight […]

That Show – Special Guest: STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY

Nick’s guest is legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky, star of hundreds of TV shows and movies including: “Groundhog Day,” “Thelma and Louise,” “Memento,” “The Goldbergs,” One Day at a Time,” and “GLEE.” Tobo talks about how SNL revolutionized his world back in 1975, and continued to inspire him as the […]

That Show – Season 48: The Wrap-Up

Nick looks back at the recently completed Season 48 of “Saturday Night Live,” and does a deep dive into each show, breaking down the sketches, rating the hosts & musical guests, and talking about the surprises in front of, and behind the camera. It was called a “transitional season” by […]

That Show – You Be The Judge: Celebrities Strike Back

When you are writing, producing, and performing a weekly satirical sketch-comedy show, you run the risk of offending people, especially the celebrities who are the targets of that satire. In this episode, Nick gives examples of sketches, impressions, and parodies that did not sit well with their celebrity targets, and, […]

That Show – SNL Cast Member, Michael Longfellow

In this “That Show…”, Nick talks with Michael Longfellow, a current member of the “Saturday Night Live” cast. Michael opens up about his childhood and stand-up career, including his reality TV show appearance and his path to landing the SNL gig. He shares entertaining tales from his debut season on […]

That Show – Cast Member Favorites, Pt 1

Several cast members from this past season of SNL (Season 48) were asked what their favorite sketches of all time were, and in this episode of “That Show…”, Nick plays back some of those classics. He also gives you background information about them, including tidbits, trivia, and behind-the-scenes stories about […]

That Show – Two Words: “More Cowbell”

On April 8th 2000, an unsuspecting world experienced what would go down in history as one of the funniest skecthes in “Saturday Night Live” history. Simply known now as “More Cowbell,” this absurd and ridiculous sketch, featuring host Christopher Walken and cast members Will Farrell, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, Chris […]

That Show – Live From New York It’s… Catchphrases!

You’ve heard them a million times. You’ve probably said them a million times too. You may even have a hat, or a T-shirt, emblazoned with them: They are the most famous catchphrases in “Saturday Night Live” history. In this episode, Nick plays back 20 of the most popular and legendary […]

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