Live TV can be a tricky and sometimes scary adventure, no one knows that more than the people who have worked on “Saturday Night Live’ throughout the years. In this episode, Nick takes a look at the rare times that the dreaded “F” Bomb has been uttered on the stage in Studio 8H for the entire nation to hear. The whole history of the “F'” Bomb incidents is covered here, dating back to the very first time a person said it (you will be genuinely surprised to learn who did the deed), and ending with the last time it happened (in 2018, when an Oscar winner loudly used the profane word in the very first sketch of the night). Some of these incidents were innocent slip ups, some were done on purpose. Some were said during monologues or sketches, and others during musical performances, but all of them were shocking and very memorable, and in this episode, you will get the backstories and hear the audio for yourself. “F” Bombs on SNL…check it out. [EP42]