Nick shares his 10 favorite Thanksgiving themed sketches/songs/bits from “Saturday Night Live” over the years. They include scary Thanksgiving parade floats terrorizing a family; Debbie Downer ruining everyone’s dinner with stories about war, death and feline AIDS; a group of adults sitting at the “kids’ table” acting like 9-year-olds;  a Thanksgiving table of bickering family members who are united by an Adele song; a crazy Guy Fieri sharing outrageous Thanksgiving recipes, and, of course, Adam Sandler singing his classic “Thanksgiving Song.” You’ll hear hosts like Anne Hathaway, Kristin Wiig, Matthew McConaughey, Julliana Margulies, Bea Arthur & Luke Wilson, as well as a huge variety of great SNL cast members celebrating Thanksgiving with a TON of laughs. Happy Thanksgiving! [EP46]