By day, Rick Kaempfer and Dave Stern are the publishers of Eckhartz Press and Chicago Author Solutions. By night, they are unappreciated fathers and husbands. And in their spare time they are consumers of worthless information. Each week they share their newest worthless information in the podcast, “Minutia Men”.



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Minutia Men – Lincoln’s last joke

Prince Philip’s gaffes, the last joke Lincoln ever heard, Dave’s application for baseball commissioner, Nigel Farage getting punked, and two birds named Kaempfer, are some of the minutiae from Rick and Dave! [Ep225]

Minutia Men – Lost Fingers and Uranus

A sanctions-imposed pizzeria, a finger lost in the ring, an ingenious German bank robber, and X-rays flying out of Uranus, are some of the minutiae from Rick and Dave!  [Ep224]

Minutia Men – Nuclear Codes and Mob Cooking Shows

Rick and Dave chat about a nuclear code mishap, baseball traditions in out-of-town ballparks, a mob cooking show gone awry, and Rick coaches Dave on the appropriate way to renew his wedding vows. [Ep223]

Minutia Men – Flamshooters and Flim-Flams

Rick and Dave discuss a sexy obit, criminal Cubs, a youthful obsession with Starsky & Hutch, rigged homecoming elections, and how to be a dad. [Ep222]

Minutia Men – Celebrating The Celebrity Interviews

Rick and Dave chat with Carl Giammarese, Carmen Fanzone, the Kent State photographer, Dane Placko, and James Finn Garner, as they highlight some of the best discussions from their other podcast, Minutia Men Celebrity […]