By day, Rick Kaempfer and Dave Stern are the publishers of Eckhartz Press and Chicago Author Solutions. By night, they are unappreciated fathers and husbands. And in their spare time they are consumers of worthless information. Each week they share their newest worthless information in the podcast, “Minutia Men”.



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Minutia Men – Jeffrey, Joel & John

Rick and Dave discuss the exploits of Jeffrey (Toobin), pay tribute to Joel (Daly) and Rick tells about his brush with former NFL coach John Madden. [Ep201]

Minutia Men – Kids, Cougars, and Covid

Rick and Dave discuss the problems with the sports name Cougars, a boy that eats only sausage, college kids getting Covid on purpose, and a brush with comedian Don Rickles.  [Ep200]

Minutia Men – Bad songs, bad men, and bad hair

Rick and Dave discuss the worst songs of all time, a man who stole over a million dollars in toner ink, McDonald’s french fries saving baldness, and a brush with Gilligan Island star Dawn […]

Minutia Men – Nixon’s Half-Eaten Sandwich

Rick and Dave discuss Florida’s College party bill of rights, Nixon’s half-eaten sandwich, the worst job in the world, and Rick’s brush with comedian Bill Maher. [EP198]

Minutia Men – Fido vs. Phones

Rick and Dave discuss dogs versus phones, wacky radio names, a Hooters mask, and a brush with Ann Margret. [EP197]