Comedians Jim Search and Max Cohen are trained experts in watching Bar Rescue and will bring you the heavily involved details as only they can.


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1605, 2018

Shut It Down – Caving In

EP73: We got another great one on the books Taffertins! Check this out…we head to Anaheim, CA to the bar ‘The Cave.’ It’s managed by a man named Jaime…who not only is running the bar in the Earth…but he’s being very mean to his mother. There is one man who doesn’t play that. Jon “Respect Your Mother” Taffer. Suffice to say, it’s a lot of flame on this one. Check it!

1005, 2018

Shut It Down – Crazy Little Thing Called Selman

EP72: Hey! Taffertins! You know what time it is! We got another sizzler comin your way. We take a trip to Maitland, FL to Cooper Rocket and met a legit crazy man name Selman. So crazy, even Lisa Marie Joyce says “You are a crazy man.” It’s filled with a lot of saucy hi-jinx which makes the show great. So be great and listen to it!