If you’re a fan of Bar Rescue and want to know what happened on past and present episodes, look no further than Jim Search(@jimsearch) and Max Cohen(@thisismaxcohen)! These comedians are trained experts in watching Bar Rescue and will bring you the heavily involved details as only they can. SHUT IT DOWN! Reach out to them at shutitdownpodcast@gmail.com and on Twitter at @shutitdownrecap.


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1109, 2019

Shut It Down – So We Meet Again, Mr. Taffer

EP140: Yo Taffertins! We got an extra special episode for ya…check it out. Our good friend Courtney Maginnis (IG: courtmaginnis) from the podcast “The Narcisistas (IG: thenarcisistas) in the booth at Jim Jam Studios ready to talk some Bar Rescue. Boy is this a goodie on deck, Jon heads to Blue Springs, MO to visit a former Bar Rescue friend Mark. He’s got some curveballs thrown his way and is in desperate need of some rescuing. His wife, Ozzie is running a bar named “The Edge” and it is at the edge of existence.

409, 2019

Shut It Down – There’s no Crying In The Bar Business

EP139: Taffertins! Hello there! Your good friends are back at it, digging into the crates to bring you their insight to the wild world that is Bar Rescue. On this joy ride, we head to Tucker, GA to a bar named Barlow’s Bar & Grill. It’s run by a woman named Susan, who has thrown her hands up on running the day to day and gets drunk with her employees. Oh yeah…she also is at odds with a man named John, who claims to have run a kitchen before…but in actuality only has run his mouth. Fights, theft and workers comp fraud too! Get ready for a doozy. (S3: E14)