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1112, 2019

Shut It Down - The Last Call

This is it Taffertins! We embraced every possible solution we could...but they called last call and it's time to close the bar. Check out Jim and Max recap all of the highlights from 4 years of covering all things Bar Rescue. From all of our guests, interviews to the time we were ON the show. It's worth a dive. We love y'all peace! Go find all the episodes on our Patreon...we shall live on!

412, 2019

Shut It Down - Russell Davis Interview

Check it Taffertins! We got ANOTHER Bar Rescue expert interview. With none other than Russell Davis (@MrRussellDavis) Skypin in with us. And boy does he have a story to tell. From rising through the bar scene in Texas all the way to becoming Bartender of the Year in 2012 to his Bar Rescue run...he has seen it all behind the stick. Get ready for it! [EP153]