If you’re a fan of Bar Rescue and want to know what happened on past and present episodes, look no further than Jim Search(@jimsearch) and Max Cohen(@thisismaxcohen)! These comedians are trained experts in watching Bar Rescue and will bring you the heavily involved details as only they can. SHUT IT DOWN! Reach out to them at shutitdownpodcast@gmail.com and on Twitter at @shutitdownrecap.


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1408, 2019

Shut It Down – Green Walls & Donkey Balls

EP135: Hey there Taffertins! Another amazing episode of Bar Rescue awaits. Check it out…we head to Louisville, TX to the bar Drunken Donkey Craft Bar & Scratch Kitchen which has over 75 beers that no one knows anything about and a “scratch” kitchen that microwaves food. Boy does Jon disapprove of that. And we should also mention that the walls and chair…are green!Yikes! This DEFINITELY doesn’t give Jon positive vibes. Check out how he reacts to all of it. Enjoy! (Bar Rescue S6:E41)

708, 2019

Shut It Down – Hole In None

EP134: This is a very special episode! We are covering the classic “Hole In None” episode for one of our very good friends of the show, Abi! This episode does not disappoint. It’s got what you need in a great Bar Rescue episode. Disgusting kitchens, foolish owners and wildly incompetent staff. To top it all off…we got Jon Taffer losing his you-know-what over it all! It’s quite a doozy!