If you’re a fan of Bar Rescue and want to know what happened on past and present episodes, look no further than Jim Search(@jimsearch) and Max Cohen(@thisismaxcohen)! These comedians are trained experts in watching Bar Rescue and will bring you the heavily involved details as only they can. SHUT IT DOWN! Reach out to them at shutitdownpodcast@gmail.com and on Twitter at @shutitdownrecap.


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1411, 2019

Shut It Down – Barely Above Water

A BONUS EPISODE! That’s right Taffertins…we got you a nice extra treat this week. It’s not overpouring…we promise. For this special episode, we head to Warwick, RI to a bar called Marley’s On The Beach. Boy, does it have drama, Kevin, a man with an IT background took out a loan from his wife, Michelle to open the place, ran it into the ground and then when Michelle tried to help, dumped her with all the responsibility and started just chillin at the bar…whaaa? On top of that, Michelle hires her friend to assistant manage and she fights with the cook all the time. So much mess…this is a gold mine! Get ready for all of it. (S3: E20) [EP150]

1311, 2019

Shut It Down – A Bar Full Of Bull

Yo Taffertins! We got another one comin for ya…on this journey we head to New Bedford, MA to the bar Libad’s. It’s run by Jessica and her brother Dave. Jessica got a loan from her dad to get it started and things went great…until their cousin, who ran the kitchen, passed away…all hell breaks loose! Friends start working there and steal, bartenders drink out of shoes?! It’s a madhouse. Lucky for us, Jon is here to save the day. (S3: E18) [EP149]