Chicago TV personalities, Howard Sudberry & Steve Baskerville, talk about the things you don’t see on the air and other work place experiences that everyone can relate to. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s about a lot of this and that including travel, food, what they like and the long list of what bugs them, and maybe you too..


Back 2 You – Your Opinion Counts

Find out if your opinions match those of most other people, plus Howard and Steve plan their outing to Applebee’s and who will pick up the check. Only on Back 2 You! (Ep82)

Back 2 You – Mo Rambling Mo Problems

Problems from flying the friendly skies, and picking the right streaming services, to the young whippersnappers over at the And Friends podcast. Plus an encounter with Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Howard and Steve only on Back 2 You!  (Ep81)

Back 2 You – Who’s the Jerk?

A quiz to find out “Who’s the Jerk”, plus a story about a dramatic “Grandad Standoff”.  Howard and Steve only on Back 2 You!  (Ep80)

Back 2 You – Say cheese, everyone!

Howard asks Steve an important question the same one he’d like to ask Barack Obama. Only on Back 2 You! (Ep79)

Back 2 You – Test Your Etiquette

How to behave properly at a dinner party?  Steve quizzes Howard to see if he knows, and you can play along at home. Only on Back 2 You! [Ep78]

Back 2 You – Laughter is the Best Medicine

Steve’s new maniacal laugh has him concerned and is Howard becoming the neighborhood’s social director? (Ep77)

Back 2 You – Judge Steve

Steve judges something Howard did recently and didn’t go easy on him. Plus restaurant chains giving out free food. (Ep76)

Back 2 You – Fashion Faux Pas

Howard and Steve with texting tips, like how to end a texting conversation and clothing you wear that will age you. (Ep75)

Back 2 You – Have you ever…?

Howard and Steve ask each other “have you ever” and you’ll be shocked at some of the things they have and haven’t done. (Ep74)

Back 2 You – The Royal Treatment

Steve and Howard weigh in on the royal news and talk about being in the presence of The Queen. Plus why everybody should have a “Banker’s Box”. (Ep73)