Three Chicago TV personalities, Howard Sudberry, Steve Baskerville, and Alyssa Ali, talk about the things you don’t see on the air and other work place experiences that everyone can relate to. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s about a lot of this and that including travel, food, what they like and the long list of what bugs them, and maybe you too..


Back 2 You – Totally Biased Towards The Ramble Bros!

Howard and Steve welcome Chicago comedian Dwayne Kennedy back to the show. He tells how you find something funny in the worst of times… a pandemic. And how life hasn’t really change that much for him.  (Ep41)

Back 2 You – Books, Baseball and Showering!

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville with special guests and fellow podcasters, Minutia Men’s Rick Kaempfer and David Stern. You won’t want to miss this one! [Ep40]

Back 2 You – Black Lives Matters is very personal

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville have an important and frank discussion on the Black Lives Matters movement. You will not want to miss Steve’s powerful personal stories of his experiences growing up as a black man in America. (Ep39)

Back 2 You – Back Outdoors, Kinda-sorta!

Howard Sudberry & Steve Baskerville ramble on about how Howard upset his wife—they also talk about annoying neighbor routines. And a fascinating story about “The Broom Man.” (Ep38)

Back 2 You – Back To Kissing

Howard Sudberry & Steve Baskerville have some fun with Steve’s brave jump onto Instagram, their first kiss with their first wives, plus fascinating, albeit trivial facts about some well-known stars. (Ep37)

Back 2 You – Back After Testing

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville, these ramble brothers argue about cold pizza & reveal an online test that analyzes their personality type. You can take the test as well….on the Next Back 2 You! (Ep36)

Back 2 You – Back In The Pool

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville ramble about Howard’s overuse of social media, Steve’s non-use of it—and Howard hits Steve with a multiple choice quiz about actors that turned down famous roles. Play along! (Ep35)

Back 2 You – Back 4 More

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville ramble about critical information like how they dress at home–Steve being semi-formal. Also some inside Chicago Bulls stories and shows they have been watching that you may enjoy. (Ep34)

Back 2 You – Back 4 More

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville share personal stories about their lives during this pandemic and what is Michael Jordan really like? Steve poses that question to Howard and tells how he might have had MJ and other Bulls running the other way when they saw him!.  (Ep33)

Back 2 You – More funny with Dwayne Kennedy

Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville, he was so good he is BACK!  Comedian, actor, and writer Dwayne Kennedy, discussion about his comedic inspirations, his time on David Letterman’s show, and many more. Plus Steve’s embarrassing interaction with another famous comedian. (Ep32)