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210, 2023

Caffeinated Comics - Toy Fair 2023

Toy Fair returns but in the fall, with no new announcements and planning to leave New York for New Orleans. Jon and Elliott discuss the changing face of press events, whether conventions are still the backbone of the industry and why AI doesn't matter. Plus, streaming Vincent Price, VHS tapes and the problem with being Spider-Boy. [Ep351]

2509, 2023

Caffeinated Comics - Happy Belated Batman Day

Jon had COVID all last week so we're celebrating Batman Day today! Jon and Elliott discuss why the strikes have slowed down momentum for the world's most popular comic book character, how current loyalty can turn into nostalgia and when we can expect the next Bat renaissance. Plus, a new Doctor Who trailer, non-sexual man crushes, and why no one will remember Larry, Daryll and Daryll. [Ep350]