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2111, 2022

Caffeinated Comics - Indy spoilers? Nope.

Empire magazine released Indiana Jones 5 pictures in their latest issue and Jon and Elliott can not stop speculating about it. Will James Mangold make this film Harrison Ford's "Logan"? Are there Nazis? Will Indy meet Bob Dylan? Plus, Doctor Who's new companion, Jordan Peele's latest horror film and why we're not talking about "Wakanda Forever" like we promised. [EP305]

1411, 2022

Caffeinated Comics - Remembering Kevin Conroy

All Jon and Steven want to do is talk about "Wakanda Forever". But losing the voice of Batman and celebrated artist Carlos Pacheco in the same week took precedence. They discuss how "Batman: the Animated Series" did everything right and set the template for four additional series over the next 15 years, how the Arkham video games extended Kevin's take on the Dark Knight for a new generation and how his acting on a Saturday morning cartoon showed more range and subtlety than most Hollywood blockbuster takes on the character. Plus, how Pacheco's art was always a welcome surprise on any Marvel or DC character and yes, some discussion on the second Black Panther movie. [EP305]