“Planted” with Sara Payan, is an ongoing conversation encompassing the vast world of cannabis, with a focus on education. Sara Payan, educator, policy advocate & author, engages policy makers, media professionals, industry leaders and more, about their relationship with cannabis in the era of legalization.


Saturday trio of Vans ala MUNI... 👟🌞🚇📸🍃💨✨ . #peoplewatching #masstransit #downtown #sfmuni #random #saturday #puffpuffpass #sneaks #bearsinsneakers #kicks ...

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The end of another productive week. I’m all about kicking back, reflecting and letting go. How do you unwind? 🍃💨✨🕶 . #letitgo #cbd #puffpuffpass #fridaynight #selfcare #process #womenincannabis #sigh #alfresco #420 #cigarettecase ...

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The first step to health is the acceptance of your total self and the appreciation of your unique beauty. From “She On the Tip of Her Tongue”: "A reminder to any woman who looks at her body and finds it flawed: these are prehistoric carvings of goddesses. These represent the epitome of feminine beauty to those we seek to emulate when we go on diets. Not a flat tummy, thigh gap, or gravity-defying breast among them. These are bodies that are unique to their owners, and contain stories of desire, creation, hardship, and perseverance. These are bodies that are ready to hold you as you cry. These are bodies that worked every day to provide nourishment, resources and guidance to their communities while also caring for the next generation. They supported one another in their labor, holding one another’s babies while they worked crafting tools, collecting water & singing songs to teach the young about the goddesses they so closely resembled. And these carvings weren’t found in just one area. They’ve been discovered nearly everywhere humanity has settled and thrived. Which means there was a time when womanhood, in all her power and capacity, was revered not as merely a sexual novelty or shunned as sinful temptation, but seen as a source of inspiration to create, to connect, and to find courage. Today, our patriarchal society reveres conformity in women over all. It demands that women strive to achieve and maintain a form that resembles an untested girl. Our bodies must look perpetually untouched, unspoiled, a blank slate for a man to claim and use and write his own story upon. Instead of worshiping women as they are, we scrutinize and discard them as never good enough. And the more we strive to conform, the more we give up control of our bodies. So have comfort, women: with each fat roll and jiggle you gain as you move forward in time, you come closer to resembling the goddess as she originally appeared in the hearts of humanity. She lives in you and longs to be seen and revered as she was before. And you deserve to be worshipped." ~ Alaura Weaver Photo source: http://albertis-window.com/2012/04/excavation-sites-for-prehistoric-and-ancient-female-figurines ...

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2507, 2019

Planted – Art Agnos

EP2: Sara and Art Agnos, former Mayor of San Francisco talk about senior cannabis use and the intersection of policy and public service.

1306, 2019

Planted – Ellen Holland

EP1: Sara chats with Ellen Holland, Senior Editor for Cannabis Now Magazine. They talk about cannabis media and industry trends and the outlook for the future.