Nick chats about Conan O’Brien’s time at “Saturday Night Live.” From ’88 to ’91, Conan was on the SNL writing crew, penning or helping to pen some epic sketches like “Girl Watchers” with Jon Lovitz and Tom Hanks, and the laugh-out-loud “Mr. Short Term Memory” acts. He popped up in skits, usually playing doormen, lent his voice to bits, and was part of a killer writing squad with folks like Jim Downey, Greg Daniels, Bob Odenkirk, and the one-of-a-kind Robert Smigel (who teamed up with Conan again on “Late Nite” for Triumph The Insult Comic Dog). In this talk, you’ll catch wind of the celeb hosts Conan dug working with (think Hanks and Steve Martin), and some that gave him the jitters, like George Steinbrenner. Plus, there are nuggets about crazy late-night writing crunches, meeting Lorne Michaels, and that one time Conan came back to host in March 2001. And it all builds up to this legendary sketch that Conan was part of. It was so edgy it sparked a flood of 48,000 complaints and broke records for saying ‘penis’ more times than anyone ever did on TV in just five minutes—which is why this episode’s got its name. It’s a rundown of Conan’s unforgettable stint at SNL, with every ‘penis’ mention tallied up. [EP47]