2501, 2023

That Show - Wait, They Were On SNL?!

Nick talks about 20 very famous performers who, at one time, were actually cast members on "Saturday Night Live." You might remember a couple, but, for the most part, their days on SNL are all but forgotten. You'll hear stories about the time they spent on the show, some of the bits they did, and the sketches they starred in, and some of the memories they have about SNL. Some of these famous folks were on for several seasons, others for just one season, and, in one case (with a huge Chicago connection), the person only appeared on ONE SHOW. Find out who by listening to this latest episode. [EP3]

1801, 2023

That Show - Jon Rudnitsky

On episode #2 of this SNL podcast, Nick is joined by comedian, writer, and actor Jon Rudnitsky, who was a cast member for one season of "Saturday Night Live," and it was a very memorable season indeed. Jon talks about how he was discovered at a comedy festival, what he did for his SNL audition, and what it was like to work those grueling, no-sleep-having hours at 30 Rock (without the cocaine they had in the 70s). They talk about his first moments on the show (Miley Cyrus licked him), the nightmare of working on the episode that Donald Trump hosted during the Presidential campaign (we're not sure if Trump can read), and the bond he had with cast members like Kate McKinnon, Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson. Jon also talks about what it's like to work with George Clooney, be inspired by the Marx Brothers and Sid Caesar, and the joy of working with Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." A must listen for all SNL fans. [EP2]