2009, 2023

That Show - Weekend Update Writer, Katie Rich

Nick has a fantastic conversation with Katie Rich, an incredible writer/performer who spent 6 seasons writing on "Saturday Night Live," exclusively working on Weekend Update. They talk about Katie's early life growing up on the Southside of Chicago (as a Cub fan!), her days working at "iO" with people like Charna Halpern and Cecily Strong, the time she spent of stage at Second City, and the tense and amazing years she spent writing jokes and working every week on Update. She talks about what it's like to be in the studio while Update is being performed and her jokes are being told, her favorite Update segments, what it was like to write during the insane political and news period that started in 2016, and the time she got to appear on stage with Bill Murray & the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Nick and Katie also talk a lot about baseball (and their shared love of the '93 Phillies), throwing up in LaGuardia Airport, getting great advice from George Wendt, and Katie's work in the world of animation. This is a must-listen interview with a hilarious and gifted writer who made wonderful and funny contributions to SNL. [EP37]

1309, 2023

That Show - Larry David & SNL

Larry David is now considered a great host, and recurring star on SNL (his impression of Bernie Sanders is legendary, and his character Kevin Roberts has become a cult favorite), but that wasn't always the case. In this episode, Nick looks back at the one season that the "Seinfeld" & "Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator spent on "Saturday Night Live," and it was the infamous Season 10, with producer Dick Ebersol at the helm (who did NOT like David, at all). You will hear the behind-the-scenes stories of what really happened at 30 Rock, and why none of David's sketches ever made it to air, and how Larry's work ethic just did not fit in with what happens during the creation week of any episode of SNL. Nick also talks about many unused Larry David sketches that were turned down by the show, and, in particular, three sketches that later became three classic episodes of "Seinfeld" (and you will hear scenes from those episodes). You will also hear about the time that David spent on the SNL rip-off "Fridays," and how those days (and his days as a stand-up) influenced his work on "Seinfeld" and beyond. Larry David & SNL. [EP36]