Getting Well in America is a podcast about just that; Helping you move from being a patient to becoming a whole person again. Whether you’ve had chronic pain for years or are new to being a patient with a knee or hip replacement, you’re going to need some help along that path to getting well. We seek out and talk to the very best Doctors, therapists and programs that can help you deal with that long road back to health, both mentally and physically. Listen in and start the journey back.

1706, 2021

GWIA – Brigette McReynolds Pt.1

This is one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever heard when it comes to chronic pain and illness. Our guest Brigette McReynolds, was living a life of desperation and pain with debilitating migraines and fibromyalgia. By sheer luck she found a truly comprehensive and compassionate chronic pain program at Kaiser Permanente and it led to her enlightenment and truly significant changes in pain levels that have changed her life. Join us to find out more about her journey and how it can apply to you right now. Amazing! Enjoy and learn. [EP3]