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1008, 2023

Flippin Out Radio - Appleseed Blooms at the Shore

James Flippin is back with co-host Johnny Appleseed as well as special guest his father John Flippin. Topics include: infuriating turnstile jumping, single-wing football, James' family, and some greatest hits from Appleseed's past on the Most American Podcast otherwise known as FOR/GSR. Very good! [EP419]

2706, 2023

Flippin Out Radio - Souped-up Stereotypes and Horrifying Hypotheticals

James, Evan, and Jada in FOR studios discuss a great anniversary dinner, bus drivers at weddings, formal sneeze announcements, women being delusional, Evan’s various questions — including a nightmarish suggestion, the fluctuations of jeans’ styles, Chris not marrying an effeminate gay, and Wendy’s moving to Texas. Heavens now, very good! [EP418]