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603, 2023

Flippin Out Radio - Aggressive Sneeze Turnover

James, Evan, and Jada are in studio, discussing cat and nose hair problems/updates, banned books that a young James must have had in his closet, a way to get 21k, subway songs, duck masks, Jada's ATM story, and more. [EP416]

802, 2023

Flippin Out Radio - But Wait, There’s More

James and Evan welcome in the lovely Jada as well as newcomer Brett. Topics include James new job back in NYC radio again, as well as the fact he’s now shaving — exposing his classic buttchin. Plus, Evan is being aggressive as always including a baffling rat catching method — wait how much does the rat czar make? Plus some observations on Hollywood, Skip Bayless and people virtue signaling, as well as a Ron Popeil tribute: set it and forget it [EP415]