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2607, 2022

Flippin Out Radio - A Wedding and a Blind Snake

James recaps his recent nuptials, which Evan and Princess Jada had to miss due to COVID, even though the wedding became a super spreader anyway, but we recount the (otherwise) lovely affair, including a timeline of events and the emotions involved. Plus sometimes James forgets he's not straight when it comes to social interactions, masks are political in certain places, and the Brittney Griner media double standard screwed her over. [EP412]


1904, 2022

Flippin Out Radio - Lemon Party

James is in studio -- the Bloomfield basement -- with Mike Montone and Evan Petracca, with the lovely Princess Jada also in attendance. We're getting closer to James' late June wedding date, and there may be some elements from a traditional Apache ceremony, plus what was Will Smith thinking? And are teachers vacation enthusiasts? [EP410]