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1407, 2024

Flippin Out Radio - Heavens very good!

It's pouring outside the FOR studio and Evan tells James it's because the world is crying with LGBTQ Pride month ending. James isn't so sure. But he did attend Mets pride night where he explained baseball to a lovely lesbian couple. Is Chris doing laundry in line with expectations? Are Evan's sneakers gay? Both men share a specific, gnawing fear while in public restrooms. Jada is still more or less accusing Evan of sometimes showing some zest. [EP422]

502, 2024

Flippin Out Radio - James Gets Boom Roasted

James' poor communication and planning yet again comes to the forefront, as Evan and Jada roast him for it. Plus, Australians going barefoot, gay marriage phone calls, Sopranos terms, and completely made-up "weed psychosis." [EP421]