Recorded weekly at The Panel Wine Lounge in Sonoma, California, WINE WOMEN Radio features members of the nonprofit, professional organization that’s focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for its members to attain wine industry prominence.

The show’s hosts include Marcia Macomber, Wine Women co-founder and marketing specialist; Lisa Adams Walter, publicist in wine, food and the arts; Misty Roudebush Cain, director of DTC and marketing, St. Supery Estate Vineyards & Winery, and other guest hosts. Honing in on current wine industry activities.

2409, 2021

Wine Women – Wendy Narby, Insider Tasting

British-born Wendy Narby’s premise ‘Knowledge Increases Pleasure’ not only applies to her extensive wine education but also to her wellness education. The Chef d’Enterprise (love the title!) at Insider Tasting zoomed in directly from Bordeaux to talk with the hosts about returning to France post-pandemic, as well as to discuss The Drinking Woman’s Diet, A Liver-Friendly Lifestyle Guide, her most recent book.

Previously a wine and food consultant in Paris and Bordeaux, Wendy’s wine experience is not just based upon study, but on her time spent working as a marketing consultant, journalist, teacher and guide. She received her Bachelor of Science with Honors in Agricultural Economics from the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth.

Fast forward a bit and she moved from Paris to marry a local Château owner and negociant. And now Wendy enjoys sharing her passion for Bordeaux and the famous region’s wines with guests and friends from all over the world. In fact, Wendy frequently leads wine tours throughout Bordeaux and environs (and is looking forward to more Americans returning to visit France as the pandemic recedes).

Wendy is a member of the Association of Wine Educators (AWE), lecturing on behalf of the Bordeaux Wine School (Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux); the author of Bordeaux Bootcamp, The Insider Tasting guide to Bordeaux Basics, and (more recently), The Drinking Woman’s Diet, which we talked about on the show extensively.

On the WWRH show, we often get to talk with winemakers, marketers, and […]

1709, 2021

Wine Women – Scout Driscoll, Founder & CEO, VINT Studio

“I had a lot of moxie at 22!” replied Scout Driscoll, Founder and CEO of DesignScout and VINT Studio, when asked about her entrepreneurial inclinations at such a young age. The co-hosts (none of whom had dreamed of owning their own businesses at such a young age) were eager to interview Scout to learn about her success. In particular, we knew before speaking with Scout she had plenty of moxie since her firm was woman-owned and she touted it as an all-woman studio, with no ladders, no promotions, and no senior staff. In short, balls-y. Or, in Scout’s case: moxie! —a word often used to describe Barbara Stanwyck back in the day.

Scout Driscoll is the founder and CEO of VINT, Wine Branding & Design. VINT is a subsidiary of DesignScout (est. 2003), her design studio born of a strong desire NOT to sell products, services and programs that she didn’t really LOVE. Although she did some of the usual job-seeking rounds after college graduation at Chicago’s well-known advertising agencies, her heart just wasn’t in it. You’ll have to listen in to hear of her tales about applying for positions with some of the leading firms…

It seemed Scout was destined for a far more unique journey. (Aren’t all “scouts”?) Kanye West (another Chicagoan, and her first customer) tapped her to design his “Get Well Soon” album package. Soon she was producing branding and graphics for others in the entertainment industry.

On […]