Rick Kaempfer and Adam Howarth (the director of coaching for the Illinois Youth Soccer Association) discuss all the latest international, national, and local soccer news.


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2702, 2020

Free Kicks – He bit him where?

Adam and Rick discuss a truly disturbing French soccer story, the fight for the Top 5 in the Premier League, and more. [Ep62]

2002, 2020

Free Kicks – The Champions League Death Penalty

Adam and Rick discuss the penalty inflicted on Manchester City by the Champions League. It’s a doozy. They also welcome a guest to the show, Chris Jamrozy from the Illinois Youth Soccer Association. [Ep61]

1302, 2020

Free Kicks – Postpone a match? I think not

Adam and Rick discuss the rarity of postponed matches, the history of relegated teams, and more, including the regular feature…Guess the Premier League Star. [Ep60]

602, 2020

Free Kicks – Closing the Transfer Window

Adam and Rick analyze the winners and losers in this year’s transfer window, and answer a question about Premier League team names. [EP59]

3001, 2020

Free Kicks – The FA Cup

Adam and Rick explain the FA Cup, play the “Name the Premier League star” game, and Adam explains “squeaky bum time” [Ep58]