Rick Kaempfer and Adam Howarth (the director of coaching for the Illinois Youth Soccer Association) discuss all the latest international, national, and local soccer news.


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2910, 2020

Free Kicks – Are these teams for real?

Adam and Rick discuss the Premier League teams off to a strong start, and analyze whether or not they are for real. [Ep89]

2210, 2020

Free Kicks – More than just an injury

Adam and Rick talk about an injury to one of the most important players in the Premier League, and how that affects the prospects for the rest of the league. [Ep88]

810, 2020

Free Kicks – Closing the Transfer Window

Rick and Adam discuss all the last-minute moves Premier League teams made before the transfer window closed. And of course, Adam mocks Rick for the horrendous Liverpool loss. [Ep87]

110, 2020

Free Kicks – Upsets Galore

Adam and Rick discuss the many upsets early in the Premier League season and what they could mean for the status of former powerhouses. [Ep86]

2409, 2020

Free Kicks – Goal-A-Palooza

Adam and Rick discuss the biggest scoring weekend in Premier League history, and preview this weekend’s games. [Ep85]