Rick Kaempfer and Adam Howarth (the director of coaching for the Illinois Youth Soccer Association) discuss all the latest international, national, and local soccer news.


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1411, 2018

Free Kicks – 11/14/18

EP23: Adam and Rick discuss Week 12 of the Premier League season, Adam explains a foreign tradition and Rick pays tribute to two new broadcasting adjectives. This week’s quiz is about Tottensham Hotspurs.

811, 2018

Free Kicks – 11/08/18

EP22: Adam and Rick discuss Premier League week 11, Rick suggests a new rule, Adam explains a foreign tradition, and this week’s quiz is about Leicester City

211, 2018

Free Kicks – 11/02/18

EP21: Adam and Rick discuss Week 10 in the Premier League, the tragic death of Leicester City’s owner, and Adam takes a quiz about Fulham.

2310, 2018

Free Kicks – 10/23/18

EP20: Adam and Rick discuss week 9 of the Premier League, Adam explains a Liverpool song tradition, and takes a quiz about Bournemouth. He also gives this weekend’s TV soccer viewing tip.

410, 2018

Free Kicks – 10/4/18

EP19: Rick and Adam recap Week 7 of the Premier League season, Adam takes a Burnley quiz, and Adam gives his weekly TV soccer tip.