Rick Kaempfer and Adam Howarth (the director of coaching for the Illinois Youth Soccer Association) discuss all the latest international, national, and local soccer news.


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2111, 2019

Free Kicks – An English Primer

Adam and Rick prepare for their trip to Chelsea. Adam preps Rick on English grammar, football terminology, and dos and don’ts for attending a Premier League game.  [Ep52]

1311, 2019

Free Kicks – A Chip Butty

Adam and Rick discuss the week in Premier League games, plus Adam explains what a Chip butty is to Rick. That’s right, a chip butty.  [Ep51]

611, 2019

Free Kicks – Battle of the Titans

Adam and Rick discuss the Titans of the Premier League–Liverpool & Manchester City–their close calls against lesser foes, and their upcoming battle against each other.  [Ep50]

3010, 2019

Free Kicks – A Star is Born

Adam and Rick discuss the emergence of American superstar Christian Pulisic–Chelsea’s exciting young striker. Also, play along with the “Guess that Premier League Star” game, and schedule your DVR with Adam’s TV Tip.  [EP49]

2610, 2019

Free Kicks – Old Trafford

Adam and Rick discuss the power of Manchester United’s home stadium–Old Trafford. Also, play along with the Guess the Premier League Star game. Can you guess him before Adam does?  [Ep48]