Like seemingly everyone in the world, “Saturday Night Live” has a YouTube channel, and in this episode, Nick looks at the Top 10 Most Viewed SNL Clips on that channel. It’s important to note, that this list ONLY represents the SNL YouTube Channel specifically, not the internet in general. The list is sometimes predictable (with two “Celebrity Jeopardy” entries, and the Kate McKinnon alien abduction sketch included), surprising (with a strange Harry Potter themed sketch, and the Sean Spicer Press Conference bit featuring Melissa McCarthy in there), and downright baffling (wait until you find out what the number one clip turns out to be…huh???!!!??). Starting with 39 million views for clip number 10, and winding up with 99 million views for clip number one, it’s very clear that A LOT of people watch the SNL YouTube channel, and we check out why in this episode of “That Show Hasn’t Been Funny in Years.” [EP41]