2004, 2023

Carol's Last Christmas - Ep11: I’ll take a Polygraph Tomorrow

In this episode we hear directly from the ISU professor who used the murder weapon as a teaching tool. Did he know that the case was still open? And to say that there’s a surprise ending is an understatement. Have we solved the case .We’ll let our listeners decide and hopefully urge Normal police and McLean County prosecutors to take action. [EP11]

1304, 2023

Carol's Last Christmas - Ep10: Where Do We Go From Here?

Front page coverage of Carol's Last Christmas in the Suburban Chicago Daily Herald and Bloomington/Normal Pantagraph has led to some exciting new leads. And the Genuine Human team has jumped on them. In this episode, we learn more about one of the Tennessee suspects from the child he fathered a year before Carol was killed. And an ISU student comes forward with some surprising information. She saw the murder weapon in class! [EP10]