“And Friends” is all about those conversations that real friends have. Kimmy, Tommy & Samuel’s interests of paranormal activity, history, blatant narcissism and more, combine into topics that you didn’t know you wanted to hear, come meet your new best friends, with “And Friends”


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And Friends – The One Where They Find Jesus

Kimmy brings in a new way to talk about current events by playing a little game of “Guess The Price”. Samuel goes into the crazy world of Florida, and the serial scooter brake cutter. While Tommy ends us out with a Music without Music that really gets you moving.  All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep07)

And Friends – That’s Not A Rolling Pin!

Samuel talks about Clearwater Florida’s possible new sea turtle mayor. Kimmy gets excited about some vintage sex toys. Tommy seems to think that anyone in dire need of a bong would use a dead baby shark. All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep06)

And Friends – Not Dead Yet!

Kimmy explains to Tommy and Samuel what woman do with tampons. Samuel’s Florida stories start a debate on who deserves to be robbed; elderly or oil companies. Plus a Cajun man joins the team!  All this and more on SEASON 2 of “And Friends!”  (Ep05)

And Friends – Tastes like chicken!

Kimmy shares some issues Peta is having with Idaho, Tommy gets into his feelings with nostalgia trap, and Samuel shares Chai’s song Gyaran-Boo.  Plus, what tastes like chicken?  All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep04)

And Friends – Icelandic Style Yogurt

Tommy silently shares a new song, Samuel gives us some Florida man stories and gives us information on a little town he’s made called “Friendsville”. Kimmy gets into a story of a Chicago company who forwarded an email to the wrong person, uh oh. All this and more on “And Friends!”  (Ep03)

And Friends – Keanu Reeves

Kimmy starts us off with the most important topic in the news. Samuel gives us some stories with some shi##y ending, no pun intended. While Tommy takes us down memory lane in a nostalgia trap with old video games. All that and more on “And Friends!”  (EP2)

And Friends – A Spin-off

Kimmy shares a way you could possibly get $1000.  Samuel finds Florida stories, especially about a naked man hiding in chicken coops.  Tommy gives a movie review, with an interesting spin-off idea.  Plus the gang gets into some sex talk!  All this and more on “And Friends! EP1