807, 2024

The Old Young Ones - Bambi

Hands up who likes this episode? "The Young Ones" second season starts with a bang and Jon and Howie had so much to say about it, they didn't let anyone else on the show. Why is this the greatest episode of "The Young Ones?" How do Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie, and Motorhead fit in? And who actually is Bambi? get ready for an hour of killer socks, decapitations, elephants and so much gushing about it [Ep7]

2406, 2024

The Old Young Ones - Flood

The first season of "The Young Ones" comes to a close with some of the biggest swings yet. Jon and Howie welcome super-fan Joe Pakovits to the studio to discuss the Monty Python homages, comic book parodies and the characters that come out of nowhere. Plus, lion tamers, Narnia and a lot of Alexei Sayle with an axe. [Ep6]