Nick Digilio welcomes one of the founders of Chicago’s Factory Theater, Sean Abley, who is also a successful playwright, author, actor/director, and journalist who studied at Second City, and is a “Saturday Night Live” fanatic. Sean discusses how he began watching SNL at a very young age (too young, some would say), how the show influenced his own writing and performing (as a junior high student he wrote and performed in a sketch called “Dialing for Dismemberment” in which E.T. was killed and his skin made into cowboy boots), and his love for the original cast. Nick and Sean also talk about their favorite cast members, weird sketches and more….and Sean’s Top 5 SNL Sketches of All Time are revealed, and they include some very, very unusual choices. This is a fun, lively, and interesting conversation between two old friends, chatting about their shared love of SNL, and listening back to some of the best moments in the show’s history. [EP44]