Sondra Bernstein, owner of “the girl & the fig” restaurant in Sonoma, hosts this weekly podcast along with her friend Brian Casey, veteran of the hospitality industry for over 30 years. They discuss all aspects of the food world, from seeds and beans to fries and foie gras. “If you can eat it, we want to talk about it”. Guests include famous chefs, food critics, local farmers, cheese makers and mushroom foragers. No subject is “off the table”. Sometimes controversial but always delicious.


Listen to Thaddeus Palmese's episode, then come back and let us know if you think he should write a book, because we do! Link in bio. ...

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2802, 2020

The Bite Goes On – Arden Coturri

We sure did get an Olive Oil education during this episode with Arden Coturri. Her passion for olive oil started back in the early 1990’s and decided that they would plant a family olive grove with trees that were imported from Italy – (in fact about 10,000 tiny plants were brought over that needed to be propagated). Wanting to get more knowledge, Arden enrolled in a class through UC Davis on the sensory of olive oil. Turns out that Arden has such good sensory evaluation skills, the California Olive Oil Council approached her to become an olive oil taster. Arden has been a member of the California Olive Oil Council’s Tasting Panel for over 20 years. This is a panel that blind tastes oil from their members to distinguish whether or not their oil is worthy of having ‘Extra Virgin’ on their label for that harvest.

As complete novices, she walked us through a tasting of 6 different oils (in beautiful Spanish blue glasses), teaching us about what makes a good olive oil, what the different imperfections taste like, how they go about the process of tasting and what it really means for their members. Arden taught us what to look for on a label and how to make purchasing decisions. Of course, the oil that Arden produces for the family winery; Winery Sixteen 600 was the best of the lineup. It was a great conversation and hopefully it will […]

2102, 2020

The Bite Goes On – Jon Sebastiani, Sonoma Brands

This episode with Jon Sebastiani could have gone on for 5 hours — there was just so much to talk about. We bounce around from what it was like growing up in a family wine business, creating and selling KRAVE jerky (to Hershey’s), running marathons, starting a new business (Sonoma Brands), being a father and more.

Sonoma Brands is company that incubates and invests — currently at 14 different brands today. Some of these brands include SmashMallow, Dang, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Peckish and most recently Milk Bar. This number could grow quickly as he discovers new opportunities that align with their company’s ethos. It will be fun to see what other ideas are hatched through Sonoma Brands.

Sondra has a long history with Jon as she worked for/with him 1995 – 1197 at Viansa Winery before she left to open her first restaurant. With Jon back as the managing partner at Viansa, Sondra and her business partner John Toulze they have come full service with a partnership that provides food for the winery.

To check out more about Sonoma Brands – visit or on instagram @sonomabrands.