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1604, 2020

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Andrea Mezvinsky

Stacey talks to her dearest friend, talented comedian, actress, and writer Andrea Mezvinsky. They discuss quarantine in LA, her New show called The Ranting Zig -Zag Girl, being sawed in half by a magician, being #metoo by a booker, not being invited to her cousin’s wedding to Chelsea Clinton and more. [EP11]

Check Andrea out on social media platforms @andreamezvinsky and her website

I have a girlfriend and she is so blue...I’m blue da bo de da bo da...Hopefully that stupid song is stuck in your head now. . The ladies are hoping to be back on track this week. It’s been a weird winter for them some good some ehh but they will make it up to you soon! ...

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The 8th Annual Jersey Fresh Comedy Show weekend was last week and it’s taken the ladies a full week to recover from the insanity! If you haven’t checked out the post show podcast with special guest @genobisconte as well as some cameos with Jersey Fresh Comedy Show attendees who traveled from far and wide, @hoffy629 @amaurice21 and @toni__girl . Thanks to @torellipics for adding @heishysterical into the shot for us since we didn’t get one of all of us together. In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of @shanemgillis @heishysterical and @genobisconte then follow them, and support them by checking them out when they come to a city near you. ...

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Best Christmas card ever! Thank you @torellipics for hooking it up as usual and thank you @genobisconte & @kevinbrennan666 for being the best! #networkplease ...

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and shopped until they dropped for Black Friday...and now that things should be calming down you need to check out the latest episode of #theprussmanhour with our amazing guest @kevinbrennan666 Thank you @torellipics for this great photo! We love sharing and reposting because we imagine it makes @kevinbrennan666 cringe every time he sees it! . #theprussmanhour #radiomisfitspodcastnetwork #staceyprussman #angelariley #funnybroads #comedypodcast ...

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That’s our girl on the Wet Spot tonight. Thanks for the shout out @toddferguson1977 ...

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