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Ruben Morancy, wine director at Michelin Star restaurant Coi, pronounced “kwa”, sat down with Brian and Bart this week at the Hansen homestead. We unfortunately had technical issues and the show was lost but we thought the event he was promoting was important so I wanted to spread the word on Insta. Ruben is hosting a wine event at The Alice Collective in Oakland on February 15th with Chef Keith Corbin of Alta W. Adams in LA, jazz musician Marcus Shelby and top bubbles producers. Fried chicken is the focus, and the wine of course, but the motivation was bringing in under-served communities to the “fine wine” industry. Ruben is also an artist and former wine vendor for global and domestic brands. So pissed we lost this show, we are trying to get him back in next week. les-sommeliers.com That’s the website, hope to see you there. #thewinemakers #radiomisfitspodcastnetwork #moshinwinery Ruben@les-sommeliers.com 415-425-8466 $100 bucks for TWO tickets. ...

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Great lineup for a private tasting that Jasmine is pouring at this week.... What do you think ???? ...

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1701, 2020

The Wine Makers – State of Wine

This week the guys, and Jasmine, sit down and talk about French wine tariffs, travel, North Carolina, taking the sommelier exam and the state of the wine business for 2020. We cover a lot of topics and get into almost ten wines in this episode, enjoy…  [EP130]

1001, 2020

The Wine Makers – Donald Patz

This week on the podcast we sit down with Donald Patz, known for making “world-class” Pinot and Chardonnay at Patz & Hall Winery in Sonoma. He left this iconic winery when it was purchased in 2016 and has since started 3 small projects, Maritana, Terminim and Secret Door. He sparked our interest when he joined forces with Francois Villard, a master in Northern Rhone, to make some top notch Syrah and white blends from Mendocino. Lots of history here, great show. [EP129]



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François Villard

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