2406, 2022

The Wine Makers - G. W. Lussier, Lussier Wine Co.

We met G.W. in Paso Robles at Hospice de Rhone this year. It wasn’t long into our conversation to realize that the enthusiasm and passion coming from this young man needed to be shared with all of you listeners. And on top of that #GWmakesChenin. [EP238]

In his own words it all began back in 2015. After serving seven years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army, two combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, I returned home to the Napa Valley. You never know where or when a job opportunity will happen. For me, it was on a hot summer evening, on a Bocce court at Crane Park. That night, I began my wine career as an intern at Pahlmeyer Winery. There was no turning back once I experienced the art of making wine.

In 2016, my wine education continued at Williams Selyem where I honed my craft making renowned Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, as well as other varietals. Then, in 2019, with over three years immersed in all aspects of the wine industry, I challenged myself to launch Lussier Wine Co.



1106, 2022

The Wine Maker - Tom Darling, Darling Wines

The cool blues and relaxing vibes of Tom Darling's new Sonoma Plaza tasting room will draw you in, his exploration of single vineyard wines from extreme coastal California will keep you there. The guys go on-location to Darling Wines and sit down with Tom to find out how a guy from Boston went from serves and volleys and serving wine at yoga events on the Eastern Seaboard  to making Pinot Noir from vineyards mere miles from the Pacific Ocean. [EP237]