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We really enjoyed having the @sommelier_sisters On our Blind Date episode this week... We were on a podcast! 🎤🎧 We had the absolute pleasure of being on @winemakerspod this past week - we had soooo much fun hanging out with everyone (shout out to @sonomawinelover for bringing us on 🎉) and chatting about what we’ve been sipping during quarantine, hearing about people’s lives and experiences in the wine world, and just laughing together! We also shared some stories about growing up with wine-loving parents and why we started documenting our own wine experiences! 🥰 ...

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Feeling pretty good about the company that we are being mentioned with in the blog post from @outwines. But really love the fact that we are sitting in Paul Lynde’s seat #HollywoodSquaresStyle. #winepodcast #winemakerspodcast ...

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2905, 2020

The Wine Makers – For the Love of Grenache

This week we decided to “honor” one of our favorite grapes. Grenache doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other varietals despite being THE most widely planted grape in the world. We invited on four of the local Grenache Masters; Casey Graybehl, the Grenachista, Peter Mathis from Mathis Wines, Jeff Cohn from Jeff Cohn Cellars and Dave Mounts from Mounts Winery. [EP148]

Sondra Bernstein from The Girl & The Fig joined the podcast as well, her love of this amazing grape has fueled the consumption for diners at her restaurant here in Northern California. She also hinted of a possible Sine Qua Non wine dinner at her Suite D event space.

Stay safe, tune in, drink more…Cheers…


2205, 2020

The Wine Makers – Blind Date

This week we are not talking about Covid-19, Corona Virus, PPP, PPE, SIP, N95, DTC, EDD, Ventilators, Curb-Side Pick Up, Social Distancing, etc. We needed a break. We thought you might need one too. We had an idea, let’s just talk about wine with interesting people and wines we love. Bart, Sam and Brian decided to each invite two guests, and not reveal our choices until we started recording the show. The result was the ultimate “blind date” [EP147]