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1911, 2021

The Wine Makers – Jason Jardine & Brandon Brédo, Team Hanzell Farm

Ambassador James D. Zellerbach founded Hanzell Vineyards in 1953 with a vision to create wines that could compete on the world stage and he picked an amazing piece of property in Sonoma Valley. Over the past 68 years there have been some stellar teams at Hanzell. Today we talked with part of the current Hanzell Farm team. Both Jason and Brandons path to Hanzell is best told in their own words. Which is the story of how Hanzell has evolved from being a vineyard and a winery to a farm that continues to produce some of the most sought after, age worthy wines in California. They aren’t the first to farm using some of the techniques but they might be one of the most thoughtful. Enjoy the show and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving. [EP213]






1211, 2021

The Wine Makers – Will Bucklin, Old Hill Ranch

Will Bucklin and his family have long and notable history in Sonoma Valley. However that history is dwarfed by the history in their 150 year old vineyard, Old Hill Ranch. While tasting through the incredible line up of wines Will makes from the vineyard his mother and step-father saved from demolition nearly 50 years ago, we tried to capture some of te storied history of both the place and the people. Mostly we ended up talking about Grenache—and after nearly 2 and half hours we were all left wanting more. Look for Part Deux one day soon when we record from bridge of the Starship Bucklin! [EP212]