A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!


Check out the podcast this week with Kieran Robinson, master of Syrah...Also makes a kick-ass Viognier.... #thewinemakers #radiomisfitspodcastnetwork #kieranrobinsonwines #syrah #rhonealone #philly ...

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Kieran Robinson joins the podcast on Friday, he is weeks away from opening up his tasting room outside of Philly.. Get the whole story, drops Friday.... #thewinemakers #radiomisfitspodcastnetwork #kieranrobinsonwines #syrahrules ...

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To our listeners, we were unfortunately shut down this last week because of PG&E rolling blackouts. We will return next week. Check out some of our past episodes at Radio Misfits Podcast Network. #thewinemakers #radiomisfitspodcastnetwork ...

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811, 2019

The Wine Makers – Kieran Robinson

Kieran Robinson joins the pod this week to announce the “almost” opening of his new tasting room in Philly. He has been doing the bi-coastal thing trying to make wine in Cali and complete construction in Pennsylvania.

The mystery of those strange tags in the Rossi vineyard is solved, Kieran is doing some consulting. Aron Rosenthal, podcast listener, joins the show and talks food and wine in South Carolina.

It’s Sunny in Sonoma! Enjoy

111, 2019

The Wine Makers – John Myers returns!

The guys welcome back into the fold Mr. John Myers. Steve Waymire, grower at Lazy Dog Vineyard sits in, fresh from a night pick of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. We might talk a bit about the fire too.