Rick Kaempfer and David Stern (Chicago publishers at Eckhartz Press) interview celebrities every week. As the name “Minutia Men” implies, the interviews often delve into lesser-known details of well-known celebrities, or examinations into celebrities that aren’t as well known. Fun, compelling, and memorable.


Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

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MM Celebrity Interview – Svengoolie’s Rich Koz

Rick and Dave interview Svengoolie’s alter ego, Rich Koz just in time for Halloween. [Ep43]

MM Celebrity Interview – The Bad Astronomer Dr. Phil Plait

Rick and Dave chat with famed astronomer/skeptic/debunker Dr. Phil Plait about conspiracy theories to disregard. [Ep42]

MM Celebrity Interview – Comedian Larry Reeb

Rick and Dave chat with the cantankerous politically incorrect comic Larry Reeb. [Ep41]

MM Celebrity Interview – Filmmaker Jeff Krulik

Rick and Dave chat with the filmmaker who brought you “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”, “Ernest Borgnine on the Bus” and “Hitler’s Hat” among others, Jeff Krulik. [Ep40]

MM Celebrity Interview – Tommy Chong, yes THAT Tommy Chong

Rick and Dave chat with marijuana-themed, (Cheech & Chong fame), comedy icon Tommy Chong. [Ep39]