Rick Kaempfer and David Stern (Chicago publishers at Eckhartz Press) interview celebrities every week. As the name “Minutia Men” implies, the interviews often delve into lesser-known details of well-known celebrities, or examinations into celebrities that aren’t as well known. Fun, compelling, and memorable.


Minutia Men Celebrity Interview on Radio Misfits

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MM Celebrity Interview – Scott Petersen

Rick and Dave match the mood of the indoor-game-playing nation and chat about the Scrabble subculture with the filmmaker of the documentary Scrablyon, Scott Petersen. [Ep38]

MM Celebrity Interview – Amy Landecker w/ Bradley Whitford

Rick and Dave interview Amy Landecker star of Transparent and her husband Bradley Whitford, star of The West Wing. [Ep37]

MM Celebrity Interview – Mob Adjacent Jeffrey Gentile

Rick and Dave chat with the co-author of a great memoir about growing up in the shadow of the Chicago mafia in the 1950s & 60s, Jeffrey Gentile (“Mob Adjacent”) [Ep36]

MM Celebrity Interview – Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner

Rick without Dave chats with the former founder, lead singer, and lead guitarist of the 1970s rock group Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Farner. [Ep35]

MM Celebrity Interview – Summer Crockett Moore

Rick and Dave chat with award-winning actress and movie mogul Summer Crockett Moore. [Ep34]