That Show – The Return of Jon Rudnitsky

In this brand-new episode, Nick is joined by comedian, writer, and actor Jon Rudnitsky, who was not only a cast member for one season of “Saturday Night Live,” but he was also the very first guest on this podcast!! Nick and Jon catch up, chat about the best SNL bits […]

That Show – Kristen Wiig: 5-Timer!

Kristen Wiig is widely considered to be one of the best cast members in the history of “Saturday Night Live,” and her contributions to the show are legendary. She was a cast member for seven terrific seasons, came back for eight uproarious cameos, and now, she has hosted SNL five […]

That Show – Game Show Madness

Game show parodies/satires have been a huge part of “Saturday Night Live” since the very beginning back in 1975. In fact, it seems that there is a game show sketch in almost every episode of the show (and it’s usually the first one of the night), because it’s a winning […]

That Show – The Monologues Pt.1

A very important part of every episode of “Saturday Night Live” is the opening monologue performed by the host. It establishes the tone, introduces the audience to the star, and hopefully entices viewers enough to continue watching for at least a few more minutes. In this episode of “That Show…,” […]

That Show – SURPRISE!!! SNL Cameos Pt. 1

We all know that “Saturday Night Live” has had some pretty incredible and funny surprise celebrity cameos over the years. Since the very beginning, SNL has had a wonderful habit of bringing out celebrities to have some fun, and shock audiences at home and in the studio by simply popping […]

That Show – Fred Armisen Brings The Punk!

In this episode, Nick focuses on the great musical talent and knowledge of former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Fred Armisen. Before Armisen entered the world of comedy, and became a cast member on SNL, he was a musician in many bands, including the legendary Chicago punk band Trenchmouth. His […]

That Show – Jock Hosts, Pt 1

It’s always a gamble when a professional athlete hosts “Saturday Night Live,” simply because many of these jocks are just not cut out to perform comedy, or even be on a stage. Sometimes the gamble pays off, oftentimes, it does not. In this episode, Nick looks back at 5 SNL […]

That Show – A Song For Daddy

Sometimes sketches bomb so badly that they never make it to air. In this episode of “That Show…”, we look back at a supremely weird sketch called: “A Song For Daddy,” that is widely considered to be one of the biggest trainwrecks in the history of SNL. The components were […]

That Show – Special Guest: Steve Cochran

Nick welcomes his special guest Steve Cochran to the podcast. Steve is a legendary broadcaster, stand-up comedian, writer, actor and host of the outstanding WLS-AM morning drive show “The Steve Cochran Show.” Nick and Steve worked together for years, and they talk a bit about that, the comedy work they’ve […]

That Show – FULL THROTTLE! The Best of Bobby Moynihan

Nick focuses on one of the best, and most underappreciated cast members in “Saturday Night Live” history: Bobby Moynihan. This remarkably talented comedic actor spent 9 seasons of SNL, creating some of the funniest characters and hilarious moments to ever happen on the stages at Studio 8H. Nick will play […]

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