Listen to the golden pipes of a sad and lonely man with delusions of grandeur as he talks to himself for nearly an hour. Also hear recurring chapters of Night Knight.

1805, 2019

The Mr Nailsin Show – Buried Axes!

EP253: Nailsin News looks at a pork chop assault case,a couple having sex in front of Police Headquarters, and a woman dances naked at a strip mall. Meanwhile Night Knight The Early Years concludes […]

1105, 2019

The Mr Nailsin Show – Bayou Crime Report!

EP252: Doug chats with Pat Dixon about crimes in Louisiana. Woman posing as an FBI agent tries to kidnap 15 yr old then strips naked. Fishing trip gets stabby. Creep on probation creeps again. […]

405, 2019

The Mr Nailsin Show – Green Lazers!

EP251: Doug Red & Lefty discuss Barr,Chris Cuomo plus perverts,trailer trash prison romance and stoned idiots shooting fire flies. Meanwhile Night Knight continues his early years. Finally an update on the Mercedes Carrera case