Listen to the golden pipes of a sad and lonely man with delusions of grandeur as he talks to himself for nearly an hour. Also hear recurring chapters of Night Knight.

1906, 2021

The Mr Nailsin Show – Tunnel Of Love!

Doug reviews the week. A couple gets busted for sex acts on a playground. Big Daddy gets cured of his Bee-Man persona but Night Knight remains unconvinced. A Florida woman visits a Circle K […]

1206, 2021

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Hamburger Element!

Doug has a surreal chat with comedian Pat Dixon about Fauci, Wuhan, Climate Change and white supremacy. Meanwhile a linebacker murders a man for catfishing him on Tinder. Plus other crazy Nailsin News stories. […]

506, 2021

The Mr Nailsin Show – Fauci Lied People Died!

Red & Lefty discuss the Fauci Emails. Doug talks about The Conjuring The Devil Made Me Do It film. Bubba, Spot and Booze discover Lord Thang’s sinister plot. Plus UFOs. [EP361]