Listen to the golden pipes of a sad and lonely man with delusions of grandeur as he talks to himself for nearly an hour. Also hear recurring chapters of Night Knight.

2711, 2021

The Mr Nailsin Show – Bang She Said!

Doug, Lefty & Red fat the chew about  South Park etc.  A web cam model shoots her crotch. A homeless man burns down homeless shelter. Couple have sex in patrol car. Was Ceasarion Jesus? […]

2011, 2021

The Mr Nailsin Show – Texas Thighs!

Doug talks Rittenhouse verdict. Woman tries to use bra wire to escape jail. A man beats his boyfriend over dog humping. Man rapes elderly woman then falls asleep. Supergirl edits out lesbian kiss. The […]

1311, 2021

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Courtesy Flush!

Inmates fight over farts. Cosmonauts lost in space! Burglar seeks imaginary girlfriend. Woman mocks some poor idiot and some cousins fight over a sex toy! [EP386]