Nick looks back a pair of weird sketches that aired on “Saturday Night Live” in 1993, bombing the first time and killing the second. The sketches, featuring a hilarious Phil Hartman as the fictional editor of the real teen magazine “Sassy,” interviewing teenage heartthrobs, were meant to be satires of early 90s pop culture and hunky male celebrities, but kind of missed the mark. Here, Nick plays both sketches in their entirety, gives you the background and creation of each sketch, tells you about the episodes in which they appeared, and how they still have dedicated cult fans who laugh every time they watch them. You will also learn about the cast members and hosts who were in the sketches, and get a complete history of the ridiculous magazine that inspired them (a magazine that actually launched the careers of people like Chloe Sevigny and Spike Jonez). Hilarious work from Hartman, Adam Sandler, Jay Mohr and others are showcased, in addition to exploring some classic 90s SNL moments. Let’s get Sassy! [EP45]