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The Bite Goes On – Bernard Guillas

It was great catching up with Chef Bernard Guillas at the Marine Room in La Jolla. I had almost forgotten what a wonderful positive, uplifting person that he is and funny too. He brings us up to date about what is happening in San Diego, how he is managing things […]

The Bite Goes On – Chris Cosentino, Cockscomb

They say three times is a charm and it certainly was when we finally pinned down chef Chris Cosentino for an up close and personal, laughter filled, fun episode. We try to figure out how Chris and Sondra met way back when. Our conversation drifts from subject to subject, beginning […]

The Bite Goes On – Professor Dustin Rogge

It was great to catch up with Culinary Institute of America alumni turned Professor Dustin Rogge. Dustin worked for the girl & the fig over 15 years ago just a few years after he graduated from the CIA. He started at the Sonoma restaurant and was the opening General Manager […]

The Bite Goes On – Ari Weiswasser, Glen Ellen Star

It was long overdue to catch up with Ari Weisswasser, Chef and co-owner of the Glen Ellen Star with his wife Erinn Benziger in Glen Ellen. As Sondra’s restaurant neighbor in Glen Ellen, we started the conversation about how Ari proceeded during the lockdown and how after a quick peek […]

The Bite Goes On – Sondra & Brian

With a small snafu in our scheduling, it actually gave Brian and I a chance to get caught up, especially since he has finally been called back to his real job. Other than talking about the changes in his workplace, he also told us about CALI-FORNO STREET EATS which is […]

The Bite Goes On – Mia Sebastiani

Hailing from one of the oldest wine families in California, Mia gravitated to food much more than she did wine. She realized that she liked to cook and carry on the traditions that her Nonna started. She started with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and found herself selling it out […]

The Bite Goes On – Avidan Lebenthal

With fond memories of Mexico City, Sondra reached out to Avidan Lebenthal or better known as “The Taco Mensch”. He was Sondra’s guide on her first day in Mexico City and have remained in touch. Wanting to find out what is happening with him during C-19, we actually tracked him […]

The Bite Goes On – Ric Orlando

This episode was so much fun to record as we were able to catch up with an old friend, Chef Ric Orlando who lives in the Hudson Valley. We dart all over the place talking about his passion of making people happy and entertaining them with his food and fun […]

The Bite Goes On – Lauren Cotner, Delicious Dish

Lauren has pivoted Delicious Dish into a few different business models as the landscapes around her have changed. Starting small in catering in San Francisco where she built her clients from small tech companies one at a time. As the tech companies grew so did Lauren’s business. In the midst […]

The Bite Goes On – Leah Scurto

Leah’s story is fabulous as she starts from absolute scratch. She started making pizza because she was 18 and needed money. Turns out she was a natural. After working her way up the ranks and managing a pizza chain of 24 units, she decided to do it for herself. Leah […]

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