They say three times is a charm and it certainly was when we finally pinned down chef Chris Cosentino for an up close and personal, laughter filled, fun episode. We try to figure out how Chris and Sondra met way back when. Our conversation drifts from subject to subject, beginning with his early start in the business to his rise in popularity. He opens up about his personal challenges as a boy and how he ended up a chef. His honesty is humbling and could be a motivator for those with learning disabilities and not sure about a career direction. We touch on the hardships of business during covid and how he is making things work, including his very entertaining cooking videos on instagram. This is a fascinating episode with Chris and between the laughter, distractions and some interesting stories that makes it worth listening to. Be warned – it is a long one.

Find Chris at his restaurant at On instagram at and his personal instagram account –