Hailing from one of the oldest wine families in California, Mia gravitated to food much more than she did wine. She realized that she liked to cook and carry on the traditions that her Nonna started. She started with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and found herself selling it out of her car to all of the local markets and specialty stores. Having the advantage of a family with the greater understanding of supply chains and distribution, she has turned her focus on the fabulous California tomato, producing tomato sauce in many flavors as well as a couple pizza sauces. She has grown her company Mia’s Kitchen, and you can now find her products in mainstream grocery stores from coast to coast. In regards to branding, authentic has a strong meaning in spreading the word for this ultra premium tomato sauce. Local.fresh ingredients to recreate the flavors of her family’s heritage shines a light on a brand that is made by a person that you can relate to and not just a large company. She works closely with her family and even worked with her husband to create a non-tomato sauce – butternut squash and bourbon. As Mia’s siblings are involved in both the wine business as well as spirits, I think they have the market of throwing a fabulous dinner party. Can’t wait to see what comes next for this very Sonoma business.


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