Lauren has pivoted Delicious Dish into a few different business models as the landscapes around her have changed. Starting small in catering in San Francisco where she built her clients from small tech companies one at a time. As the tech companies grew so did Lauren’s business. In the midst of these years, Lauren decided she wanted to move back to her hometown of Sonoma, purchased an existing restaurant to use the kitchen and continued to service her SF tech clients and private families. After years of commuting and serving these companies, things started to change, some tech companies built their own kitchens in house and didn’t require outside catering services, families moved away and most lately, tech companies have steered their employees to work from home.

None of that stopped self acclaimed “scrappy” Lauren as she just changed things up a bit. Her business Delicious Dish offers a daily family menu that is available to pick up. She is able to market her offerings with a small amount of newspaper advertising and a hefty mailing list. She has taken her most popular and favorite meals that she created in SF and brought them home to offer them to her new clients. During early Covid time her business saw an uptick of orders but as restaurants began their to-go models, her orders began to shrink. Lauren turned her attention to preparing her outdoor patio space for physical distancing and a comfortable dining experience which is scheduled to open the first week of July. She is working on a few cool ideas, so we are excited to hear what comes next. Tune in to learn more!