With fond memories of Mexico City, Sondra reached out to Avidan Lebenthal or better known as “The Taco Mensch”. He was Sondra’s guide on her first day in Mexico City and have remained in touch. Wanting to find out what is happening with him during C-19, we actually tracked him down at his parents in Tel Aviv. In this episode you will hear Avidan’s story of how and why he is the Taco Mensch and how he became one of AirBnB’s top experiences (with over 175 5 Star reviews) all to be put on hold at least until October. True to form, Avidan was cheery, formidable if not slightly tired of having surfed for most of the afternoon into the evening, and it was great to catch up from him. The conversation dances around from Mexico City, Tel Aviv, Sondra’s trip to Mexico City, Avidan’s new business plan and much more. We hope you enjoy this episode and the next time you are in CDMX, you must do his tour. AirBNB  Instagram [EP89]