It was great to catch up with Culinary Institute of America alumni turned Professor Dustin Rogge. Dustin worked for the girl & the fig over 15 years ago just a few years after he graduated from the CIA. He started at the Sonoma restaurant and was the opening General Manager of the girl & the fig in Petaluma. Though the restaurant was short lived Dustin was an amazing asset to the team. We were sad when he left the country for the big city to work at Farallon restaurant for a few years before he helped open the Waterbar Restaurant. Dustin will be known by many as simply one of the best in the restaurant business. After many years transitioning from a working manager to a Professor was a welcome adjustment. He was determined to take his passion for pleasing guests to instill the knowledge and ability for his students to carry on his expertise in hospitality. We learn about the adjustments of teaching during Covid, listen to a few stories of the past, his love for the outdoors and just have a wonderful conversation. [EP93]