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The Bite Goes On – Arden Coturri

We sure did get an Olive Oil education during this episode with Arden Coturri. Her passion for olive oil started back in the early 1990’s and decided that they would plant a family olive grove with trees that were imported from Italy – (in fact about 10,000 tiny plants […]

The Bite Goes On – Jon Sebastiani, Sonoma Brands

This episode with Jon Sebastiani could have gone on for 5 hours — there was just so much to talk about. We bounce around from what it was like growing up in a family wine business, creating and selling KRAVE jerky (to Hershey’s), running marathons, starting a new business […]

The Bite Goes On – Regina and Josh Silvers, Jackson’s Bar and Oven

Jackson’s Bar and Oven has one of the most popular restaurants in Santa Rosa. After the birth of his son Jackson, chef and owner Josh Silvers began looking for a family-friendly yet hip place in downtown Santa Rosa where he could get some of his favorite comfort foods. And […]

The Bite Goes On – Amy’s Wicked Slush

Amy Covin is the North End of Bawstin (Boston as we would say). How did this CPA end up making Boston Slush in Wine Country. When passion calls, you figure it out.

That is what Amy Covin did in 2016. In late 2016, she took a trip back to Boston, […]

The Bite Goes On – Deb Rock, Sonoma Hot Sauce

We learned about Deb Rock and Sonoma Hot Sauce on a previous episode with Eileen Gordon of Barnraiser and wanted to learn more about the journey of a woman who likes it hot – really hot. Deb Rock grew up with hot sauce and it was an […]

The Bite Goes On – Flora Coffee

Emily Reber and Jeff Alona share their passion for everything coffee. They spend their free time driving miles to find new coffee shops anywhere they can find them and revisit some of their favorites. They have learned about coffee shop culture by asking a lot of questions, listening, watching […]

The Bite Goes On – Mexico City Recap

Follow along the conversation while looking at photographs from Sondra’s recent trip to Mexico City ( Get ready to book your trip to Mexico City just from hearing about the food. Sondra talks about her taco tour, neighborhood markets including the Jamiaca Mercado and Pujol (the #12 […]

The Bite Goes On – Steve Zimmerman

This was a thoroughly educational show filled with family history, unions, tips on how restaurants are valuated and sold and more. Steve walks us through his journey in a restaurant family, where he started in the kitchen washing dishes at the age of 15. As he works through the […]

The Bite Goes On – Thaddeus Palmese

Among other things Thaddeus Palmese is an amazing storyteller and we found him so descriptive and interesting that we recommended that he write a book or two. His cooking experience starts at 15 years old. Even though he grew up in Pasadena, he wound up in New Orleans where […]

The Bite Goes On – The Moms Show

It is only fitting that Episode 60 is a show with our Moms. This was a fun to have our moms as this week’s guests. They shared stories of when we were kids and we questioned them about things we couldn’t quite remember. The conversation highlights the differences between […]