Monica & Aaron Rocchino, veterans in the Bay Area food world for many years with stints at Chez Panisse, Olivetos and Paula Le Duc catering company as well as Monica’s international event business. When they finally decided that working opposite schedules wasn’t working, they decided they would create a business that would combine both their interests and expertise and most importantly an opportunity to work together. Finding that it was difficult to find the quality meat that they could get at the kitchens that they previously worked in – they found that a high quality butcher store with ethically raised and slaughtered animals would fill a much needed hole in the community. With a focus on offering products that come from 150 miles radius of the shop, The Local Butcher Shop found its footing with both selling wholesale to restaurants and retail to individuals. Since the opening of the shop they have only brought in whole animal carcasses and find a place for every part of the animal to be used. We asked questions regarding cuts of meat, ageing, grass fed and finished or … This is definitely a shop I would go to on a regular basis and I can totally see why they are so popular. Since Covid the concentration of sales have shifted more to individual consumers than their wholesale clients.