Some of my best memories with Kyle have been sitting around the holiday table with our friends and eating a delicious meal that he has created most of. Well, even though I am not sitting around a table with friends, I am grateful that I can still savor in Chef Kyle’s cooking. Since the pandemic, Kyle has been offering a meal for which he sources, prepares and personally delivers to your house. He also includes a pay it forward proposition in providing another family a meal at a discounted rate. This week’s menu included a tasty chicken and chickpea tagine with cauliflower, saffron couscous, Moroccan spiced sweet potatoes and beetroot salad.

I especially enjoyed our conversation, listening to his story about his childhood growing up around the family business, a livestock auction house and a strong sensibility for food, fresh ingredients. He started with culinary arts in high school, studied corporate finance in college and realized he missed cooking. He has moved up the ranks quickly and I am always in awe of his determination and skill at such a young age. From his new website; “Chef Kyle Kuklewski has over a decade of culinary experience with a portion of his career having worked in fine dining restaurants within top luxury brand hotels. Working under Michelin rated chefs, Chef Kyle honed his culinary skills while developing a strong attention to detail, an appreciation for using only the finest quality ingredients and a drive for creativity.” Check out Chef Kyle’s website at or on Instagram at @akylek