With New Years right around the corner, it is only appropriate to talk about caviar. Otto Szilagyi, caviar ambassador extraordinaire for Tsar Nicoulai has the details we need to know. Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to taste a few of his products and this conversation definitely put some things in perspective. Most impressionable about Tsar Nicoulai is their approach to their vision which is to provide the cleanest and best caviar and seafood products while inspiring the continued growth of their farm’s environmental and sustainable stewardship. Since their beginning in 1984 in California, they have been committed to environmental practices.Their innovative production practices are rooted in California ethos and keep them on the forefront of technological advances for sustainable farming. It was fascinating to talk about all things sturgeon with Otto. We dance about the topics of their practices, how they determine the grade, the history of caviar’s luxurious beginnings and so much more. If you are listening today, you can purchase their products online. [EP111]