Amy Sherman is a Longtime award-winning blogger, and food writer that has written for just about every food publication worth reading and other puclications. she is very highly regarding in the food world and pretty much knows everyone. In addition to her blog; cooking with Amy, Her current chapter is as the Editor in Chief of the relatively new ‘The Cheese Professor’ and the very recently introduced ‘The Alcohol Professor.’
She learned to cook and bake from her parents and grew up eating eggs from her family’s backyard chickens, salmon her father caught, and fruit and vegetables from her mother’s organic garden. While just a teenager, Amy developed an even deeper appreciation for sharing stories about food while working in a gourmet retail shop. She learned about cheese during a year abroad, living and studying in Italy, and on trips to France, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden (ask her about coffee cheese!), as well as Wisconsin and Northern California. She has been a speaker at many professional culinary, writing and blogging conferences, is a past board member of the San Francisco Professional Food Society and is currently on the board of Bay Area Travel Writers.