Sondra + Brian Welcome to The Bite Goes On wrap-up show and get ready for a long one. Before we go on a hiatus of an unyet determined amount of time, Brian and I wanted to revisit and share some of the episodes and the highlights of the past two years. Though we don’t get to talk about every single one (lucky for you), it was joyful to go back and reminisce about the incredible guests that we have met during this time. We have learned so much and have gratefully had the chance to listen to many passionate, inspiring stories from these guests. This past year, Covid has added another dimension to the show and that was sometimes just a check in or a deep dive into the perseverance and strategies of guests moving forward to get to the other side of the pandemic. As we arrive in 2021 we anticipate life changing in so many different areas and as we watch the world mend itself, we have decided to take a break. One thing we know for sure, the conversations are endless. Food is central to all of our lives one way or another and that will never change. The Bite Goes On has been a passion project for both Brian and I and we appreciate all of our listeners so much. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know if we should keep going and if so what were your favorite episodes.[EP115]

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