The Wine Makers – Conscious Container

What does it mean to recycle? What do you think happens when you throw something in the recycling container? Would you believe that 75% of all glass that enters the waste system ends up in landfills. That’s 110,000,000 glass bottles going into US landfills every single day. What would you think […]

The Wine Makers – The Gospel according to Artie

This week the guys sit down with Artie Johnson for a wide ranging and deeply philosophical show. Artie’s background is impressive, but we covered that in Episode 157. This show is all about the now and the future. This one goes from great to special when Phil Coturri throws […]

The Wine Makers – Jennifer Reichardt, The Duck Daughter

This week we sit down with one of our favorite winemakers, and cookbook authors, Jennifer Reichardt. Raised on a duck farm, she has been surrounded by bills and feathers from a young age, her family has supplied delicious ducks to all of the best restaurants in California.

Her journey pulled her […]

The Wine Makers – Jeff & John Perlegos

Who knew that Instagram could get you a guest for your podcast. Well we do of course we don’t know all of these people and that is exactly how we came to meet these guys. I’m not sure the first time I heard about the Stampede Vineyard but on an […]

The Wine Makers – Duskie Estes & Jerome Cunnie

This week on the show we went to Haystack Farm in Sonoma to talk with Farmer Jerome Cunnie and Chef Duskie Estes. Farm to Pantry is a gleaning non-profit organization that rescues produce from farms and backyard gardens in Sonoma County that would otherwise go to waste, and delivers it […]

The Wine Makers – Charles Smith

This week we sit down with famed Washington winemaker Charles Smith. We discuss his humble beginnings in California, his journeys through Europe, and what eventually led him to Washington. His unique ability to discuss wine and wine-making in a straightforward way has helped him become one of the most successful […]

The Wine Makers – Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers

This week on the podcast we welcome Andriana Duchworth & Laura McGilley from the Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers. We touched on a number of subjects from the upcoming Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival and some of the history behind this great event. The newly available Vinous Sonoma Valley […]

The Wine Makers – Diana Snowden Seysses

From Napa to Burgundy to washable labels. This week’s show was not really about wine but what does “wine” need to do to be truly sustainable. The work sustainable has been used and thrown around so much it really doesn’t mean anything. I mean spraying a herbicide on the ground […]

The Wine Makers – Grenache Day 2022

The 3rd Friday of September is one of the best days of the year. We raise a glass or several really nice selections to celebrate one of the best days of the year. We invited two #FOTP  “friends of the pod” to join us. Casey Graybehl The Grenachista shares some […]

The Wine Makers – La Luna Mezcal, Sal Chavez

This week on the podcast we introduce you to Sal Chavez, owner/founder of La Luna Mezcal.

If you’ve never had Mezcal before, get ready for an education, if you already love Mezcal, you need some La Luna.

We go deep on family history and traditions, terroir, fermentation and distillation.

The process is fascinating […]

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