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The Wine Makers – Jason Jardine & Brandon Brédo, Team Hanzell Farm

Ambassador James D. Zellerbach founded Hanzell Vineyards in 1953 with a vision to create wines that could compete on the world stage and he picked an amazing piece of property in Sonoma Valley. Over the past 68 years there have been some stellar teams at Hanzell. Today we talked with […]

The Wine Makers – Will Bucklin, Old Hill Ranch

Will Bucklin and his family have long and notable history in Sonoma Valley. However that history is dwarfed by the history in their 150 year old vineyard, Old Hill Ranch. While tasting through the incredible line up of wines Will makes from the vineyard his mother and step-father saved […]

The Wine Makers – The return of Isabel Gassier

Returning to her second home from France, Isabel brought the rains, her wit and wisdom back to Winery Sixteen600.  Isabel is the winemaker for A Duex Tetes (along with Philippe Cambie and Phil Coturri) and we tasted samples from Oakville and the Rossi Ranch Grenache from the latest harvest.  […]

The Wine Makers – Gustavo Sotelo, Orixe Sotelo

You might know Gustavo as the Winemaker at Scribe here in Sonoma Valley. Did you know that he and his wife Jackie their own wines under the Orixe Sotelo label? Focusing on Spanish varieties grown here in California. Or as they say it “singular wines from Alta California”.

This is […]

The Wine Makers – Cyril Penn,

Those of us in the wine business know this company and likey access something they publish on a daily basis. Looking for a job? Want to know the latest insider news? How about an in depth report on barrel producers, yeast cultures or on supply chain issues. This is […]

The Wine Makers – Harvest Update

This week the guys converse about a wide variety of topics and answer listeners questions. Did you know archaeologists have unearthed a 1500 year old wine production facilty in Israel ? Does Petrus taste better after spending a year on the International Space Station ? Did the SF Giants […]

The Wine Makers – Harvest in the Valley

Sam, Bart and John are joined by Tanner Walle from Valley Bar and Bottle and cover all things harvest, shortages and Fall Releases from Dane and Sixteen600.  Lots of listener questions and the Bix Clan is heading for Sonoma!  [EP207]

The Wine Makers – Casey Greybehl, The Grenachista

This week we are celebrating International Grenache Day with The Grenachista, Casey Greybehl, who’s entire portfolio consists of nothing but Grenache Noir and Grenache Blanc. This is one of our favorite days of the year and the bottles on the table far outnumbered the people on the show. From […]

The Wine Makers – David Rossi, Fulcrum

David Rossi is a Jersey Boy who used to make wines in his basement, literally flying in fruit from different parts of the world to make 10 gallon batches to experiment with. Now known as one of the top producers of world class Pinot Noir in California, we discovered […]

The Wine Makers – Harvest 2021

It’s all about harvest on The Wine Makers this week.  Whites are rolling in and reds are coming up as we speak, the days are long but everybody is excited for a great vintage year.  Brian has roussanne on the line and Bart’s got Chenin coming up.  Brian has […]