The Wine Makers – G. W. Lussier, Lussier Wine Co.

We met G.W. in Paso Robles at Hospice de Rhone this year. It wasn’t long into our conversation to realize that the enthusiasm and passion coming from this young man needed to be shared with all of you listeners. And on top of that #GWmakesChenin. [EP238]

In his own words it […]

The Wine Maker – Tom Darling, Darling Wines

The cool blues and relaxing vibes of Tom Darling’s new Sonoma Plaza tasting room will draw you in, his exploration of single vineyard wines from extreme coastal California will keep you there. The guys go on-location to Darling Wines and sit down with Tom to find out how a guy […]

The Wine Makers – Charlie Tolbert, The list is too long!

Charlie Tolbert – we can’t wait for you to hear this show. Charlie has worked 50 harvest, starting off in the early 70’s at Buena Vista. Just sit back and enjoy hearing just a few of the stories he shares with us. The wine industry has changed a lot since […]

The Wine Makers – Live from Paso Robles, Hospice du Rhone

There was a lot of energy going into this show, not only were we all excited to be back in Paso Robles for Hospice du Rhone but we were also getting to meet our friend M.J. Towler “The Black Wine Guy Experience” IRL Add to the mix The.Grenachista, the one […]

The Wine Makers – Hospice Du Rhone Recap Pt1

The guys sit down with Podcast guest Roger Randall and discuss the aftermath of Hospice Du Rhone. Lots of fun to be had in discussing who made it to the every-other-year event in Paso. Enjoy and next week tune in for the shared show with MJ and The Black Wine […]

The Wine Makers – Lang & Reed Wines, John and Reed Skupny

Tracey & John Skupny, started Lang & Reed Napa Valley in 1993 with the goal to explore the distinct charms of Cabernet Franc. Their foundation of our wine experience began working in the restaurant trade in Kansas City. Having attained positions as wine stewards (sommeliers), the lure of vineyards and […]

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