The Wine Makers – Doug Stewart, Lichen Estate – Breggo Cellars

Doug Stewart grew up in Sonoma and had no connection to the wine business. At some point during his time developing several truly sustainable companies wine and grapes started to come into focus. In 2000 they bought a historic sheep farm in Anderson Valley. Eventually a winery named Breggo was […]

Nick D – City Hall is Tense, Monica Eng Raps & Celebs We Hate

Nick welcomes Axios.com’s Monica Eng to the podcast to talk about some terrific Chicago-related topics including: the very tense atmosphere at City Hall, the future of Dollar Stores, the surprising quality of Aldi’s wine collection, Chicago’s always interesting rat problem, and the signature smell of our fine city…oh, and Monica […]

Destination Eat Drink – Condiments with Darra Goldstein

Darra Goldstein is an award winning author, food scholar, and professor at Williams College. Her latest project is a 6 volume set called Preserved. She talks with Brent about Volume 1: Condiments including a mustard catastrophe, Worcestershire sauce made with figs, and funky ketchup. Plus, red hoisin sauce and purifying […]

Misfits Makin’ It – Family Drama: Cuban vs. Italian Style w/ Diane Jorge

Misfits Makin’ It is the podcast component of the misfit comedy shows produced by Lauren LoGiudice. Show dates and info at www.laurenlogiudice.com

In this episode of Misfits Makin’ It, Lauren interviews comedian of many stripes – Diane Jorge. They riff on audience-submitted stories and look forward to the Misfit Variety […]

My Waifu’s Basement – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

With 2 weeks left in the Month of Love, the gang reviews their first series. Expecting love (and a Bunny Girl?), they are met with a struggle of mental health as the characters grow up. The gang also briefly talks about the change to the “Whose that Waifu?” segment and […]

That Show – Special Guest: Esmeralda Leon

Nick welcomes Esmeralda Leon to the podcast, who is his buddy and the co-host of the final segment of every episode of “The Nick D Podcast.” Esma has worked in the radio and broadcast business for years as a host, news anchor, traffic reporter, voiceover artist, contributor to comedy shows, […]

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