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The Wine Makers – Tidings & Desire Lines

This week on the Wine Makers Pod-Two professors from Bedrock University, AKA Cody Rasmussen of Desire Lines Wines and Reid Griggs of Tidings Wines, visit to Bart, Brian and Sam for a conversation ranging from the microbiome of vineyards to the wine selection in Iowa college towns. Cody is […]

Minutia Men – Faceful of Seagull

An amusement park mishap with a seagull, Jeff Bezo’s rocket, voiceover school, breaking in to steal teeth, Ex-Cub Ex-Wife, and Rick’s brush with Beatles producer George Martin are among the minutiae discussed by Rick and Dave. [Ep238]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Babbling Babylon!

Doug,Lefty & Red check in on Biden and Covid. Perhaps But Maybe Not looks at ancient viruses found in Tibet. Bubba teams up with Lord Thang against the Saurians! Doug talks about Kevin Smith and He-Man. [EP368]

Destination Eat Drink – Turin, Italy slow food & stuffed pasta with Cecilia Puca

Cecilia Puca from I Eat Food joins us in the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, Turin, Italy for a Christmas dish called bagna cauda and lots of ideas for all that eggplant! Plus, making pasta at home [ep 138]

Show Notes:

Cecilia’s food tour company I Eat Food

Wine Women – Cathy Corison, Corison Winery

Cathy Corison arrived in Napa Valley a mere 48 hours after graduation from Pomona College. She’d taken a wine appreciation course at Pomona on a complete whim two years earlier and fell in love with wine for all the usual reasons. As a Biology major, her attention was drawn […]

GWIA – Red Lawhern, Patient Advocate and his supportive Opioid research

If there is even one reason we chronic pain warriors can ever even get one rx of opioids these days it’s because of Red.  He has been fighting a relentless battle to help people arm themselves with data to support pain driven access to proper and needed medicines especially […]

And Friends – Live On Gnat Geo

Is there an And Friends lawsuit, what would you rate the show Loki, and how did this woman get stuck between two buildings?  Samuel, Kimmy, and Tommy only on “And Friends!” (Ep97)

MM Celebrity Interview – Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Bill Schnee

Bill Schnee has produced or engineered over 125 gold records, and 50 top 20 hits with artists like Stealy Dan, Carly Simon, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and all four Beatles. Rick and Dave chat with him about all those artists and more. [Ep79]

Stephs In The City – Yeet, Zaddy!

Get paid $100K to eat tacos! Monkeypox found in Texas. Woman arrested when she stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru? Plus new music from Jacks and Atoms, FIVE THINGS, Sex Position of the Day and a lot more! [EP110]

Car Guys Report – Special Guest Sam Fiorani of Auto Forecast Solutions, Pt2!

A wide-ranging discussion with special guest Sam Fiorani of Auto Forecast Solutions.  The Car Guys Report with Marc and Lou! [Ep113]