Nick D – Suzanne Vega

The incredible, singer/songwriter/musician/poet and now actress Suzanne Vega (“Luka” “Tom’s Diner, etc.) joins Nick to talk about her career, her latest tour, her new album, and the new film version of her one-woman show “Lover, Beloved” to be released soon. Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about weird celebrity […]

Caffeinated Comics – MCU ReVU: Thor the Dark World

Is it the worst MCU movie ever made? Jon, Elliott, and Dave welcome Tom the mixologist to discuss Chris Hemsworth’s second solo outing. What was Patty Jenkins original vision before she left this movie? Why did Christopher Eccleston skip the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary for this? And why is it […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Wig Wipe!

A woke teacher has sex with minor. An Arby’s manager pees in a milkshake. Night Knight investigates the Sewer Thing! Woman beats husband over phone porn. Evidence of an alternate reality found? A woman takes a dump on wigs at beauty shop. [EP413]

Destination Eat Drink – Toronto with Kevin Durkee

We’re in Toronto to try an iconic sandwich, peach praline pie and a dish called “A Damn Mess” with foodie tour guide Kevin Durkee of Culinary Adventure Co. All that and a live segment from the monthly market in Azeitao, Portugal. [Ep 181]

Show Notes:

Culinary Adventure Co. website

St. Lawrence Market […]

Nick D – Dana DeLorenzo, The Evil Dead Video Game and Wild Celeb Couples

Nick talks with his future Ex-Wife, the great actress Dana DeLorenzo about the new “Evil Dead” video game, her recent trip to the UK and she does her hilarious Juliette Lewis impression. Then Esmeralda Leon talks with Nick about more celebrity couples who never should have dated and the weird […]

Stephs In The City – Don’t Yuck My Yum

Dave Chappelle attacked. More human remains found at Lake Mead. You can now ask Google to take your personal data out of its search results, good luck with that! Plus; Sex Position of the Day, Five Things, more new music from Tamar Berk and a lot more! [EP138]

Nick D – Monica Eng & Crazy Celeb Couples

Nick talks with Monica Eng from to disucss the rise of crime in downtown Chicago, the legendary Orange Garden Chinese restaurant, snazzy looking dogs and more. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick discuss surprising celebrity couples, and taste-test some Carrot Flavored Hard Candy…plus Nick’s Dad Tells a Joke. [EP35]

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