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Minutia Men – Catholics, Coronavirus and Kurtis

Second season begins with Rick and Dave discussing ironic PPP, Catholics and Balds during COVID, Rick’s brush with a recently departed comedy legend, and a Minutia Men Minute with legendary newsman Bill Kurtis. [Ep186]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Cancellation!

Doug, Lefty & Red review another week of murder,mayhem and madness. Meanwhile Night Knight confronts Snake Head over The Hatchet Man! Finally Doug reviews a “shocking” clip of Don Lemon. [EP314]

The Bite Goes On – Ric Orlando

This episode was so much fun to record as we were able to catch up with an old friend, Chef Ric Orlando who lives in the Hudson Valley. We dart all over the place talking about his passion of making people happy and entertaining them with his food and […]

Destination Eat Drink – Sicily emerges from the pandemic

Sicily is emerging from one of the strictest lock-downs in Europe. We catch up with local Sicilian Eszter Vajda about coping with cabin fever and how people are enjoying life now that restrictions are beginning to be eased. [Ep 84]

Show Notes:

Web series You Me and Sicily with Eszter […]

The Wine Makers – Ramblin Man

The guys cover a wide variety of topics this week including social media influencers, organic sprays, drought, cannabis farming and bottling lines. [EP152]

Back 2 You – Totally Biased Towards The Ramble Bros!

Howard and Steve welcome Chicago comedian Dwayne Kennedy back to the show. He tells how you find something funny in the worst of times…..like a pandemic. And how life hasn’t really change that much for him.  (Ep41)

Free Kicks – The Relegation Zone

Adam and Rick discuss the teams in danger of dropping down to the lower league, and pick who they think will survive to play another Premier League season. [Ep75]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Rides His Dad Bareback

Kimmy turns sex talk into an educational lesson. Samuel tells tales, many involving issues with underwear. Tommy gets everyone to turn on each other after asking “Who would you punch?””  All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep38)

MM Celebrity Interview – Jack McDowell

Rick and Dave interview former Cy Young pitcher Jack McDowell. [Ep26]

Lossano and Friends – Mom’s advice on what women like as foreplay

Rich Koz (Svengoolie), Jeff Hoover (WGN Morning News), Danielle Tufano (95.9 The River), Courtland Hickey (Chicago Costumes) laugh about furry conventions, buttholes, PLUS Tony says a bad word! Enjoy all 5 seasons of Lossano and Friends! Only on Vintage Lossano and Friends! [EpV12]