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Minutia Men – Snow White and the 72 Virgins

Taliban Disneyland, a horrible measuring device, Adam West impersonations, a memorable field trip, the Game of Life obit, and Rick’s brush with Chuck Jones are among the minutiae discussed this week by Rick and Dave. [Ep244]

The Mr Nailsin Show – About A Horse!

Doug, Lefty & Red talk border crisis, North Korean nukes, Hollywood hypocrisy, horses, Marvel’s copyright case. Nicki Minaj strikes back. Sun King flies out of a mystery into an enigma. Doug and Lefty review another episode of Space 1999. [EP377]

Free Kicks – Brighton-ing the League

Brighton and Hove Albion’s great start is among the Premier League topics discussed this week by Adam and Rick. [Ep130]

Destination Eat Drink – Chile with Shafik Meghji

We’re in Chile with travel writer Shafik Medhji. Shafik tells us about Chilean wine, of course, and the Pisco debate between Chile and Peru. Plus, we talk Chilean spices and cooking on hot stones. [ep 147]

Show Notes:

Shafik Medhji website

Shafik on the podcast talking about Buenos Aires

Shafik on […]

Wine Women – Wendy Narby, Insider Tasting

British-born Wendy Narby’s premise ‘Knowledge Increases Pleasure’ not only applies to her extensive wine education but also to her wellness education. The Chef d’Enterprise (love the title!) at Insider Tasting zoomed in directly from Bordeaux to talk with the hosts about returning to France post-pandemic, as well as […]

Car Guys Report – How Much Would You Pay for a Fire Extinguisher?

Find out how much Ferrari charges for a fire extinguisher on The Car Guys Report with Marc and Lou! [Ep122]

GWIA – She was Practiced at the Art of Deception

Call it what you want but getting better can be tough work and just doesn’t show you the results you want instantly.  But Progress not Perfection becomes our mantra this week as we talk failure, relapse and getting back on the horse.  How’s that attitude been working for you […]

MM Celebrity Interview – Dirty Dancing Songwriters

The songwriters of the big hit songs from the film Dirty Dancing, Franke Previte, John Denicola, and Stacy Widelitz chat with Rick and Dave about their timeless songs.  [Ep83]

Stephs In The City – Soaking

The Feds are looking into McDonald’s Ice-Cream Machines. Brad Pitt’s ‘Blonde’ Is Too Much for Netflix! Are we done with Nicki Minaj? Plus Sex Position of the Day, Howard Stern lets loose, new music from Besar and a lot more! [EP216]

Flippin Out Radio – After Ida’s Floods

James Flippin and Evan Petracca both had their basements flooded during Ida — meaning James lost his studio and Evan had damage to his bedroom… we pick up the pieces and move on, including working with Servpro, struggling with when to be an LGBT ally, is not-fidgeting in class […]