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MM Celebrity Interview – Rich Koz

Rick and Dave interview Svengoolie’s alter ego, Rich Koz. [Ep09]

And Friends – Deaf Podcast Listeners

Kimmy checks out the coffee shop that gives oral. Samuel exposes the heist of dirty diapers. Tommy connects a disability with miming. All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep18)

Geek/CounterGeek – What Will Nicolas Cage Steal In National Treasure 3?

It’s Oscar season and that means there are also Oscar snubs. Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad share their experience watching a movie that was a clear snub: The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot.

All of the franchises are getting a revival. Disney has announced that they are […]

Back 2 You – DOODLES!

Steve and a legendary Chicago anchorman have similar _________, and when Howard heard that he wouldn’t let it go; and Steve’s elevator ride with three entertainment superstars—and Whoopie Goldberg stood up for him! It’s Back 2 You with Howard Sudberry and Steve Baskerville. (Ep27)

Flippin Out Radio – 1/20/20

James Flippin, Mike Montone and Katie G discuss the Astros sign-stealing scandal and its fallout, explaining the fun of craps in the casino, betting in sports and the smart phone factor, Don Imus’ Rutgers comments recalled, Gwyneth Paltrow pussy candle, weed taxes in Illinois fueling the black market, JJ […]

Caffeinated Comics – Remembering Stu McLean

We lost a good friend. Stu McLean passed away at 37 and his warm, boisterous nature will be sorely missed. This episode represents his final appearance on “Caffeinated Comics” discussing the worst fathers in comics. He was one of the best. [EP158]

Sports Dorks – A Moment Of Silence

Frozen Testicles. Untainted Championships, 6 point teases. The cold weather has Scott & Andy separated yet walking in lockstep. [EP325]

Minutia Men – Escaping court, McDonald’s, and Berlin

Rick and Dave discuss a unique court case, annoying homeless people at McDonald’s, Gwenyth’s candle, Rick’s brush with Mayor Richard Daley, and they interview author Lou Macaluso about his Berlin Wall book. [EP163]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Here’s Blood In Your Eye!

Doug & Lefty talk Sanders Vs Warren & CNN. More Epstein death details and Lev Parnas. A Florida woman attacks McDonalds over dipping sauce. The plot sickens in Sun King. Florida police are searching for a toe sucking bandit. [EP288]

The Wine Makers – State of Wine

This week the guys, and Jasmine, sit down and talk about French wine tariffs, travel, North Carolina, taking the sommelier exam and the state of the wine business for 2020. We cover a lot of topics and get into almost ten wines in this episode, enjoy…  [EP130]