Nick D – Jim Ryan, Music Talk and America’s Sweetheart

Nick welcomes music journalist Jim Ryan back to the podcast to talk about some of his recent interviews with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and the band Rise Against. They also discuss the recent Rolling Stones concert in Chicago, the Billy Joel/Stevie Nicks show at Soldier Field, Roger Daltrey at […]

Flippin Out Radio – Heavens very good!

It’s pouring outside the FOR studio and Evan tells James it’s because the world is crying with LGBTQ Pride month ending. James isn’t so sure. But he did attend Mets pride night where he explained baseball to a lovely lesbian couple. Is Chris doing laundry in line with expectations? Are […]

The Wine Makers – Vanessa Robledo, Vintner’s Diary

The Robledo family started farming in Sonoma County in the 1940’s. Hard work and perseverance enabled the Robledo family to eventually purchase their own vineyards and start their own winery. Vanessa has now started her own project with her daughter Jocelyn and mother Maria called Vintner’s Diary. Their first wine […]

Nick D – ADRIENNE BARBEAU…and more!

Nick is unbelievably thrilled to welcome legendary actress Adrienne Barbeau to the podcast to talk about her incredible career and her upcoming appearance at The Flashback Weekend Horror Convention in Rosemont, Illinois. Nick and Adrienne discuss her performances in classic movies such as “Escape from New York,” “Creepshow,” “Back to […]

Destination Eat Drink – Cicadas with Monica Eng

Monica Eng is an award winning journalist from Chicago who has worked at the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, WBEZ radio, and now, Axois. She took on the story of this year’s so-called Cicadapalooza, and has written stories about why this year’s Cicada emergence, going as far as frying and […]

That Show – The Malcolm McDowell Tragedy

On November 22nd, 1980, actor Malcolm McDowell hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and to put it kindly, it was a disaster. The episode started with a lousy Cold Open, followed by an uninspired monologue (which you will hear), a brutal bit involving an S&M “Leather Weather” report, many sight gags that […]

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