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Stephs In The City – Tease and Denial

Kit Kat is releasing a new flavor, Friends’ reunion special reportedly in the works, A Drag Queen is reporting live from the Impeachment hearings. Plus new music from Sarpa Salpa and a lot more! [EP38]

Geek/CounterGeek – Does The Terminator Franchise Have A Dark Fate?

Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad share their review of The Mandalorian and the Disney + experience. Plus, Terminator: Dark Fate bombed at the box office, but does that mean the franchise is done for? [EP145]

Caffeinated Comics – Disney+

The biggest development in streaming apps is here! Jon and Steven discuss how Netflix paved the way for Disney to eclipse them, what classic and obscure series they’re rediscovering, and LOTS of Mandalorian talk. Plus, that Jeff Goldblum show is exactly what you think it is. [EP149]

Sports Dorks – Maybe He Had It Coming

Scott & Andy pass each other like two ships in the night. Two ships each griping about sports. [EP316]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Pulling Pigtails!

Doug, Lefty & Red gripe and groan about impeachment, Trump, Ukraine and snotty tweets. Doug later on talks about the sci-fi film Terminator Dark Fate. [EP279]

Destination Eat Drink – Kira Cook of Islands without Cars

Giving advice to drunk Cubs fans, a drink that’s really a joke, and the best pumpkin curry in London. This week on the podcast we talk to Kira Cook, host of the PBS show Islands without Cars about a rebuilt island in the North Sea, a memorable meal in […]

The Bite Goes On – The Fire Rant with Gratitude

This was a difficult show to record as it reflected the aftermath of the October 2019 fires (not quite contained at the time of this recording) and the frustrations of the media projecting Sonoma as being completely on fire. Scenes from the 2017 fires were shown on tv with […]

Wine Women – Historical Vineyard Society at Sonoma’s Best

Sonoma’s Best’s Wine Director, Todd Jolly, welcomed the members and winemakers of the Historical Vineyard Society, a nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of California’s historic vineyards, to a walkaround tasting, sampling wines from these vineyards. Meanwhile, the hosts hunkered down in a corner of Sonoma’s Best to taste the […]

Car Guys Report – Special Guest Matt Avery, Pt2

It’s part two of a great discussion with journalist, author, and producer Matt Avery. Part two of a special episode!  [Ep26]

Shut It Down – Barely Above Water

A BONUS EPISODE! That’s right Taffertins…we got you a nice extra treat this week. It’s not overpouring…we promise. For this special episode, we head to Warwick, RI to a bar called Marley’s On The Beach. Boy, does it have drama, Kevin, a man with an IT background took out […]