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Caffeinated Comics – Hasbro Pulsecon

Hasbro their own Comicon! Jon and Steven discuss the Marvel Legends shift to classic comics in the light of no new movies, the joy of stupid villains, and why the Mandalorian is the next Sentinel. Plus, Jim Henson’s 84th birthday and how that helps quarantine. [EP194]

Minutia Men – Fido vs. Phones

Rick and Dave discuss dogs versus phones, wacky radio names, a Hooters mask, and a brush with Ann Margret. [EP197]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Burning The Ashes!

Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Lake Charles, more riots and the Supreme Court. Lefty discusses the current Doctor Who’s white privilege. Baron Void and Biddy encounter a gang of thugs while Cliff and Lola explore the police station. Red details a story about a man who hid a gun […]

The Bite Goes On – Lydia Kindheart

Lydia’s Food We had such a wonderful conversation with Lydia and loved hearing about her upbringing, her food and her philosophy. We caught up with her in Petaluma between trips to Hawaii where she is spending much of her time pruning trees and managing her Petaluma company via the […]

The Wine Makers – Transfer of Power, Jamie & Jill Benziger

With the sale of the Benziger Family Winery to The Wine Group in 2015, Joe and Mike Benziger have left as well as Tim Wallace. So who stepped up to continue in the family tradition? Jill Benziger took over Consumer, Trade and outreach Liaison and her sister Jamie, named […]

Destination Eat Drink – Detroit with Shannon Cason

Master storyteller Shannon Cason talks about the revival of his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. We talk Detroit style pizza, all the cultures that have influenced Detroit cuisine and Shannon’s life altering road trip. Plus, Shannon shares the absolute worst place to get a restaurant recommendation. [Ep95]

Show Notes:

Shannon Cason’s

Back 2 You – Let It Be!

Interesting facts about man’s best friend, plus someone discovers the show Schitt’s Creek, and then which celebrity was born all in the same year. It may shock you.  Join Howard & Steve on Back 2 You. (Ep51)

Free Kicks – Goal-A-Palooza

Adam and Rick discuss the biggest scoring weekend in Premier League history, and preview this weekend’s games. [Ep85]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Cancels Daylight Savings Time

Samuel fights Tommy over their friendship. Tommy, after much debate, gave into trying this week’s Taste Testers. Kimmy asks questions about dick pics.  All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep49)

MM Celebrity Interview – Scott Petersen

Rick and Dave match the mood of the indoor-game-playing nation and chat about the Scrabble subculture with the filmmaker of the documentary Scrablyon, Scott Petersen. [Ep38]