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MM Celebrity Interview – Dr. Ian Smith

Rick and Dave interview the famous Dr. Ian Smith about medical issues that can help you through the CoronaVirus crisis. [Ep16]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Nurse Aileen

Stacey talks With a nurse on the front lines of Covid19 who is working in a NYC Hospital. Nurse Aileen gives tips on how to protect yourself and what life in an NYC Hospital is like during the Pandemic. Important:Wash your hands and Gargle with Salt water. [EP7]

The Prussman Hour – In Quarantine

Stacey and Angela discuss life in quarantines, push up challenges, yoga poses, Stacey beach dissatisfaction,  memories of fun times and the last fun times before Corona  hit hard and more. [EP112]

The Game Show Show – QUARANTINE & CHILL

JAZ & Andy mitigate, isolate, celebrate & pontificate, while trying not to prevaricate, obfuscate or irritate. It may be a new world, but the boys are still up to their old tricks: news, reviews & interviews, music, comedy, variety…& more!

And Friends – The One Where Joey Plays Animal Crossing

Kimmy changes up the news a bit, seeing as most of it is about COVID-19. Samuel shares a story from Florida that really blew up, or an item that did. Tommy’s tangent on what everyone is doing. All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep25)

Caffeinated Comics – Picard Finale

The next chapter of “Star Trek: the Next Generation” is complete. Elliott Serrano opens a channel to discuss the shift in tone from the iconic series, the new characters that help expand the universe and novelist Michael Chabon’s footprint on the series. Plus, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Reviewing Star Trek: Picard

Could one of the changes that comes about because of the COVID-19 outbreak be that from now on movies will be released on-demand at the same time they are in theaters? Misty Callahan and Keith Conrad discuss.

Plus, Misty and Keith share their thoughts about the first season of Star […]

Minutia Men – The Lighter Side of CoronaVirus

Rick and Dave talk about a moronic “influencer”, Morgan Freeman’s toilet paper poem, stripper delivery, Rick’s brush with Bobby Sherman, and they interview comedian/author/Melania Trump impersonator Lauren LoGiudice. [Ep173]

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Plot Sickens!

Doug is sick and proceeds to rant about Covid-19, the stimulus package, Pelosi, Biden etc. Meanwhile a drunken stripper gives cops an eyeful. Finally Doug&Lefty review the Space 1999 episode “The End Of Eternity.” [EP298]

DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Carole Montgomery

In this episode Stacey talks to the amazing  veteran comedian Carole Montgomery who is the creator and comic on  The #Showtime Comedy Special Women of A Certain Age  (2 Specials on Showtime) She talks about life as a comedian for over 30 years, how #woaca came to be, life […]