The Wine Makers – Randall Graham and Elaine Chukan Brown

What do you do when Randall Graham and Elaine Chukan Brown (aka Hawk Wakawakka) show up at your back door with a box full of open wine bottles? You grab the microphones and some wineglasses and press record is what! What were Randall, the legendary California wine maker and original […]

Nick D – Monica Eng, Pumpkin Spice Malort & Cold Prime Rib??

Nick welcomes the terrific Monica Eng, from Axios.com, to the podcast. They discuss many of the subjects she is covering at Axios Chicago including: the migrant situation, Ed Burke’s penchant for swag, Maria Pappas’ impressive collection of Christmas trees from around the world, a very cool new Asian Food Court […]

Destination Eat Drink – Stroopwafels, Donuts & Macaroons

Just in time for the holidays, Brent samples sweets and desserts from Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Asheville, and Vienne. [Ep 261]

Show Notes:

Full Show Notes at https://radiomisfits.com/ded261/

Amsterdam Food Tours
Amsterdam on DED
Asheville Food Tours
Asheville […]

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep13: She was my buddy

An ISU alum plugged in to campus politics has remarkable recall of 1975 and the events before and after Carol’s murder. He’s kept a detailed scrapbook with names, dates and facts. He also had personal run-ins with one of the principal suspects. And we hear from yet another sorority sister […]

Caffeinated Comics – Good Bad or Bad Bad?

Jon and Howie Weingarten took the holiday weekend to cram in as many “Mystery Science Theater 3000” level movies as possible. Some were amazing, some were painful and some were unwatchable. But if they were all bad, what’s the difference? Jon and Howie discuss the difference in tone and how […]

Celebrity Interview – Best Selling Author Meg Kissinger

Meg wrote the heartwarming book “While You Are Out: An Intimate Family Portrait of Mental Illness in an Era of Silence.”  The book and the author (and in this interview, Rick and Dave) handle the subject with humor and grace. [Ep144]

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