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The Wine Makers – Women Owned Wineries

The Wine Makers host Amy Bess Cook of WOW along with Lulu McClellan of Handley Cellars and Katy Wilson of LaRue Wines.  Both Katy and Lulu are incredible winery owners and their wines are simply beautiful. Amy also has a new Grenache called Sirsee and is promoting gender equality in the winery business.

Free Kicks – 07/19/18

EP11: Adam & Rick recap the World Cup final, and talk about some of the greatest moments from a truly memorable World Cup.

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Shut It Down – Fish Out Of Blue Water

EP79: Oh. My. God! This episode is one for the books, to say the least. Thank God we had a friend of the show Brand Collins to break this down. It had everything…yelling, crying and Lil Jon! What more do you need? We travel to Jacksonville Beach, FL to a daiquiri bar filled with […]

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The Prussman Hour – 07/18/18

Stacey starts off this episode talking about her lack of political correctness, Mike Destefano and her lectures on eating disorders. Angela joins and they talk about Stacey’s abundance of dates lately, the bookie with the big  Jeep, their exciting live show at West Side Comedy Club, stacey adopting a special needs baby, Angela’s coworkers […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – From Russia With Nothing Again!

EP171: Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin and you can guess how that goes but listen anyway it’s funny. Anyway Bubba Stargone And The Uranus Patrol continue to investigate the asteroid base of Dr. Moronicus. Doug explains his previous Night Knight story and gives final thoughts on Trump,the media,etc…

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Dishing Bitches – Episode 200!!!

A heartfelt thank you to all our listeners for their amazing support over the past six years! Featuring music from New Road Kings, Fox In Oil, Blank Parody & Sunshine Boys.

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JAZ & Andy welcome Johnny Mo back with open arms, we all learn about some crazy news from around the world & everybody loses their musical inhibitions with a brand new game

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Caffeinated Comics – Left at the Altar

From Spider-Man to Batman, superheroes are bad at maintaining relationships. Jon and Steven look at both the recent Batman 50 and Amazing Spider-Man 1 to see how the most popular characters will probably remain single. Plus, JB Smoove as J. Jonah Jameson?

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Master Debaters – A Toddler Reviews: Incredibles 2

A Toddler Reviews is back! Listen in as Toffa and his son, Hunter, review Incredibles 2.  Stick around till the end of the episode for an announcement regarding episode 100.

Minutia Men – EP100

EP100 – Rick and Dave celebrate their 100th episode with a star studded Minutia parade, including their very first Celebrity Minutia Minute guest, legendary broadcaster Mitch Michaels.

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