The Wine Makers – Brenae Royal

Brenae Royal runs Monte Rosso, one of the most historic vineyards in California, growing Cabernet, Zinfandel and Semillon since 1886.  Brenae grew up in the Central Valley of California and was originally interested in animals, in part due to her exposure to F.F.A., future farmers of America. Weeks into college […]

Nick D – M. Night Still Sucks & Fonzie’s Not Tough

Nick is joined by film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to talk about the great Billy Wilder festival at The Music Box, and they review the new movies: “80 For Brady” a comedy about Tom Brady and some old ladies, the new horror/sci-fi satire from David Cronenberg’s son Brandon […]

Destination Eat Drink – Sandwiches

It’s all about what we put between two slices of bread; Sandwiches! We hear about a sandwich that was born in Cuba but came into its own in the cigar factories of Key West and how a bogus promo built the reputation of Philly cheesesteaks. Then, we go to Canada […]

Carol’s Last Christmas – Ep8: That Would Be Harassment

In this episode, the Genuine Human Team reviews their scorecards. What are the strongest leads, dead ends? What could be making law enforcement skittish about having certain conversations. In a nearly 50 year old cold case, a 50 thousand foot view can be revealing. [EP8]

Celebrity Interview – Friday Night Light’s Louanne Stephens

Louanne Stephens has been part of two long-running shows, Friday Night Lights (as Grandma Seracin) and Longmire (as Ruby). She talks about both of those shows with Rick and Dave, plus she mentions her surprise choice for favorite sport. [Ep118]

That Show – Brooks Wheelan

Nick has a hilarious and very lively conversation with SNL Season 39 cast member Brooks Wheelan. Stories include: how he got the gig by sending in an audition tape that included an imitation of Hitler playing with Troll dolls, working with Edward Norton on a sketch involving racoons with switchblades […]

Nick D – Dmitry Samarov and Everyone Just Keeps Getting Dumber

Nick talks with artist/writer/podcaster/publisher/ex-cab driver Dmitry Samarov about his latest book “Paint-By-Numbers,” his upcoming art shows, the reviews he writes for the Chicago Reader, his horror movie podcast, and how he described 2020 as “the Best Pandemic Ever.” Then, Nick is joined by Esmeralda Leon to discuss the details of […]

Caffeinated Comics – Top Men: Raiders of the Lost Ark

It’s finally here! We’re counting down to the release of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” with a super-sized look at “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Jon, Elliott, Dave and Tom welcome Marvel and DC artist Tom Feister to discuss the impact Spielberg and Lucas’ movie had on 1981, […]

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