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The Wine Makers – Transfer of Power, Jamie & Jill Benziger

With the sale of the Benziger Family Winery to The Wine Group in 2015, Joe and Mike Benziger have left as well as Tim Wallace. So who stepped up to continue in the family tradition? Jill Benziger took over Consumer, Trade and outreach Liaison and her sister Jamie, named […]

The Wine Makers – Happy International Grenache Day!

This week we celebrate one of our favorite holidays by sitting down with the two biggest champions of Grenache. The Haas & the Perrin Family changed the focus of the wine industry in California by introducing Rhone varietals to the New World. Sondra Bernstein from the girl & the […]

The Wine Makers – The Petaluma Pizza Report

We are in the middle of Harvest and still dealing with fires, smoke and heat. This show was sort of a break from reality for us, some meat but also a lot of fat. Ramblin on. [EP161]

The Wine Makers – New Release

This week we have a little fun and taste through the new releases from Sixteen600 and Bart offers a special vertical Zinfandel promo. If you happen to listen to the entire show you will be rewarded with some stupid ramblings from the Wine Makers. You can tell we are […]

The Wine Makers – Smoke

We are experiencing fires in a large portion of our wine growing regions due to a lightning storm that brought over 11,000 strikes in a 72 hour period. The smell of smoke has become a part of our daily lives for the past two weeks. First and foremost our […]

The Wine Makers – MJ Towler aka The Black Wine Guy

This week we sit down with MJ Towler. MJ is a wine professional with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the wine business, Towler has worked retail, wholesale, auctions and also as a sommelier. On May 5, 2000, he became the first-ever African American fine and rare wine […]

The Wine Makers – Artie L. Johnson ll, Le Artishasic (XYZ) Wines

To say Artie has spent a career working with the best in the food & wine industry is a laughable understatement. From Nobu in New York to the Versace Mansion in Florida, from Harlan Estates to Mayacamas in California, this guy has seen it all. Now producing his own […]

The Wine Makers – There’s Something About “Clean” Wine

This week we talk about Cameron Diaz and her new venture into “clean wine”. We might be a bit late to the conversation but felt we had to weigh in. What the Fuck is “Clean Wine”? The Wine Industry is in an uproar over labeling concerns but what is […]

The Wine Makers – Todd Cavallo, Wild Arc Farm

Left a good job in the City, working for the Man every night and day. In 2016, Todd Cavallo and his wife Crystal left their jobs in finance and bought a farm in upstate New York. The plan was to grow vegetables, make wine, raise chickens, and collaborate with […]

The Wine Makers – Guy Eshel, Dalton Winery

This week we travel to Israel, virtually, to chat with Guy Eshel from Dalton Winery in the area of Galilee. We heard about Guy through a mutual friend in Mexico City, the Taco Mensch. Guy Eshel grew up in Cali and Israel and has worked at wineries in France, […]