The Wine Makers – What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been!

The 300th episode of The Wine Makers!!! Okay; IT WAS A PARTY and we ran up against the technology curve for the first 15 minutes, but it’s all great after that! Listener calls, Sonoma luminaries and past guests, even a call from MJ Towler in Italy.  It’s all there and […]

The Wine Makers – Tim Zahner, Sonoma Valley Tourism Bureau

Brian, John and Sam spend the morning with Tim Zahner, Executive Director of the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau and cover all the reasons to visit and have a ball in Sonoma.  Tim’s a great sport as we cover lots of ground from History, Vineyards and Wine to Cannabis tours.  Sit […]

The Wine Makers – The Late Harvest of 2023

Sam, Brian, Bart and John try to make sense of the crazy late harvest that as of Oct. 13th, is still only about 20% in. They talk all areas of California grape growing and even Arden Kramer gets in the act covering the Olive harvest for The Wine Makers. Lots […]

The Wine Makers – Cris Cherry

The guys got a special Grenache Day visit from one of the icons and iconoclasts of the Paso Robles rhone scene. Cris Cherry and family run Villa Creek Cellars and the MAHA Estate specializing in Grenache and blends that exemplify their West Paso terroir. The farming is immaculate and biodynamic, […]

The Wine Makers – Richard Bruno, Vinum Cellars – Will work for Chenin

This week we welcome Richard Bruno from Vinum Cellars. Richard pursued his interest in wine by going into the restaurant business in 1985. Working with Master Sommelier Larry Stone at Rubicon Restaurant in San Francisco as a waiter and bartender gave him the opportunity to taste rare and exciting wines from […]

The Wine Makers – Dane Cellars, Fall New Release Tasting

This week Brian, John and Sam go through Bart’s new releases. As always there are some other distractions and discussions about the current state of affairs in the wine industry. Bart’s new releases include a new source for Chein Blanc, yes it’s true, Dane Cellars makes Chenin Blanc.

Second up the guys […]

The Wine Makers – Tony Coturri

Legendary concert promoter Bill Graham once said of the Grateful Dead “They’re not the best at what they do they’re the only ones that do what they do.” For decades, Tony Coturri was to natural wine what the Grateful Dead were to Jam Bands, as in, there wasn’t a name […]

The Wine Makers – Sixteen 600 Fall Release Party

It’s a Sixteen 600 Phil Sent Me release party, AKA 4 guys and 8 bottles… This show includes breaking news, classic Wine Makers Podcast rambles and tasting through the wines of the Fall 2023 Phil Sent Me shipment. The latest release spans 8 varieties, 5 vintages, 4 vineyards, and two […]

The Wine Makers – United States Poet Laureate, Ada Limón

A series of haiku inspired by United States Poet Laureate Ada Limón sitting down with the Wine Makers Podcast crew plus guest host Phil Coturri- [Ep292]

A poet visits
Terroir flows from every word
Podcast Laureate

The native daughter
Converses with nature, water, wine
Aromas of life

Inspiration moves
From roots to fruits and back down
Must trust […]

The Wine Makers – Coral Wang, Maison des Plaisances

Coral Wang is an artist, farmer, and winemaker of her new brand Maison des Plaisances. Coral’s journey began in New Jersey but spans the globe. She spent time in the fashion industry in New York and LA before throwing it all to the wind and “WWOOFing” across Europe working in […]

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