The Wine Makers – Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers

This week on the podcast we welcome Andriana Duchworth & Laura McGilley from the Sonoma Valley Vintners & Growers. We touched on a number of subjects from the upcoming Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival and some of the history behind this great event. The newly available Vinous Sonoma Valley […]

The Wine Makers – Diana Snowden Seysses

From Napa to Burgundy to washable labels. This week’s show was not really about wine but what does “wine” need to do to be truly sustainable. The work sustainable has been used and thrown around so much it really doesn’t mean anything. I mean spraying a herbicide on the ground […]

The Wine Makers – Grenache Day 2022

The 3rd Friday of September is one of the best days of the year. We raise a glass or several really nice selections to celebrate one of the best days of the year. We invited two #FOTP  “friends of the pod” to join us. Casey Graybehl The Grenachista shares some […]

The Wine Makers – La Luna Mezcal, Sal Chavez

This week on the podcast we introduce you to Sal Chavez, owner/founder of La Luna Mezcal.

If you’ve never had Mezcal before, get ready for an education, if you already love Mezcal, you need some La Luna.

We go deep on family history and traditions, terroir, fermentation and distillation.

The process is fascinating […]

The Wine Makers – Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival, Listener Questions & Amphora Blues

This week on the show we answer your questions and you should question our answers…

We talk about the upcoming Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival on October 7th & 8th. The Winemakers Podcast is challenging our fellow winemakers to the Grape Stomp Competition, and hope everyone will come to the Grand […]

The Wine Makers – James Joiner

James Joiner’s life in journalism has taken from a Cape Cod news room to the Republican National Convention and Willie Nelson’s tour bus but it was a chance encounter with a bottle of Coturri wine set him out on mission. In […]

The Wine Makers – New Releases

Sam walks the gang through the Fall 2022 ‘Phil Sent Me’ releases from Winery Sixteen 600 with a special guest appearance by photographer James Joiner (Google him or just wait for next week’s show). We talk about how the wines were grown and made, how the line-up […]

The Wine Makers – Adam Lee, Clarice Wine Company

This week we have Adam Lee the founder of Clarice Wine Company on the podcast. He began working with wine in 1989 at a retail store in Austin, Texas. At the time, he also dabbled in restaurant wine sales, and briefly […]

The Wine Makers – Smith Story, Brave and Committed

Eric Story & Alison Smith Story started their small wine brand Smith Story Wine Cellars in 2014, funded by Kickstarter. Remember when people did that?  They are still sourcing small lots from family-owned vineyards farming organically and working with their other growers to improve quality and moving towards organic farming. […]

The Wine Makers – G. Love, Drinkin’ Wine

This week on the show we welcome G. Love. We always talk about how wine should express itself from where it’s grown, show it’s Terroir. So the question is does music have a Terroir? If we take the definition and think about music then does the soil become the music that […]

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