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MM Celebrity Interview – Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Bill Schnee

Bill Schnee has produced or engineered over 125 gold records, and 50 top 20 hits with artists like Stealy Dan, Carly Simon, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and all four Beatles. Rick and Dave chat with him about all those artists and more. [Ep79]

MM Celebrity Interview – Grammy-Winning Jazz Vocalist Kurt Elling

Grammy-winning Chicagoan Kurt Elling talks about his music, his brush with President Obama, the proper way to stand at a bar, and much more with Rick and Dave. [Ep78]

MM Celebrity Interview – The Mind the Gap lady, Emma Clarke

One of the most famous voice-over artists in the world, the Mind the Gap lady, Emma Clarke, chats with Rick and Dave. [Ep77]

MM Celebrity Interview – Actor/Artist Dave Vescio

Actor Dave Vescio chat with Rick and Dave about his movies, his artwork, and his years serving time in prison. [Ep76]

MM Celebrity Interview – Photographer/Author Antony Penrose

Antony Penrose is not just a great photographer and author. He has one of the most amazing backstories in history. Antony bit Pablo Picasso when he was a boy, and Picasso bit him back. Antony’s mother bathed in Hitler’s bathtub the day Adolf killed himself. Those stories and more […]

MM Celebrity Interview – Journalist/Lawyer Judd Legum

The founder of ThinkProgress and editor-in-chief of Popular Information, journalist/lawyer Judd Legum chats with Rick and Dave. [Ep74]

MM Celebrity Interview – “Them” Actor Gene Silvers

Amazon hit series “Them” and the Apple hit series “Mosquito Coast”, Gene Silvers. He’s also a magician to the stars, including Gwenyth Paltrow, Robert Deniro, and Julia Roberts. [Ep73]

MM Celebrity Interview – Actor Jonathan Stoddard

Hunky actor Jonathan Stoddard has ten movies coming out this year, and one fun discussion with Rick and Dave! [Ep72]

MM Celebrity Interview – Comic book expert Gary “Moondog” Colabuono

The $250,000 comic book sale told by the foremost expert in comic books, Gary “Moondog” Colabuono. He chats with Rick and Dave! [Ep71]

MM Celebrity Interview – Mark Giangreco

The bad boy of Chicago television sports broadcasting, Mark Giangreco. He chats with Rick and Dave! [Ep70]