Minutia Men Celebrity Interview, Episodes

Celebrity Interview – Actress Molly Hagan

Molly Hagan has appeared in classic shows like Seinfeld, The Golden Girls, Friends, Herman’s Head, and more!  She’s currently starring in Walker on The CW.  Listen as she chats with fellow midwesterners Rick and Dave about her impressive career. [Ep114]

Celebrity Interview – Maitland Ward (Boy Meets World)

Maitland Ward was a soap opera star (Bold & the Beautiful), a wholesome family sitcom star (Boy Meets World), and is now an adult film actress. Rick and Dave talk to Ward about that transition and the reasons for it. [Ep111]

Celebrity Interview – Politician, gay rights activist, and former actor, Fred Karger

Fred Karger is the first openly LGBTQ presidential candidate (Republican/2012), and someone who has been dubbed the World’s Greatest Party Crasher. Rick and Dave have an entertaining chat with him.  [Ep108]

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