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Minutia Men Celebrity Interview, Episodes

MM Celebrity Interview – John Paul Filo

Rick and Dave chat with the Pulitzer Prize winner for the 1970 Kent State photograph, John Paul Filo. [Ep53]

MM Celebrity Interview – Ryan Trembath

Rick and Dave chat with the author of the popular new book about signature shoes (sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes), Mr. Shoe himself, Ryan Trembath. [Ep52]

MM Celebrity Interview – Erik Fellows

Rick and Dave’s years of experience help the very attractive former model, actor Erik Fellows, deal with the pitfalls of being so good looking. [Ep51]

MM Celebrity Interview – Danny Bonaduce

Rick and Dave chat with Danny Partridge himself, the memorable Danny Bonaduce. [Ep50]

MM Celebrity Interview – Paul Michael Glaser (“Starsky”)

Just in time for Hanukkah, Rick and Dave chat with Fiddler on the Roof star Paul Michael Glaser. [Ep49]

MM Celebrity Interview – Mark Cuban

Rick and Dave interview Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban. [Ep48]

MM Celebrity Interview – Rockstar photographer Mick Rock

Rick and Dave chat with the famed photographer to the stars (David Bowie, Lou Reed, Freddie Mercury), Mick Rock [Ep47]

MM Celebrity Interview – Midnight Express author Billy Hayes

Rick and Dave chat with the man who wrote (and lived) the NY Times bestseller Midnight Express, Billy Hayes. [Ep46]

MM Celebrity Interview – Mark Pellegrino & Andrew Rossow

Rick and Dave chat with TV/Movie actor Mark Pellegrino (“Lost”, “Capote”, “Supernatural”), and attorney Andrew Rossow about the important subject of social media bullying. [Ep45]

MM Celebrity Interview – James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn

Rick and Dave chat with parenting humorist/author (Xploding Unicorn, Bare Minimum Parenting, Prance Like No-One’s Watching) James Breakwell. [Ep44]