That Show – Conan O’Brien & SNL & Penises!

Nick chats about Conan O’Brien’s time at “Saturday Night Live.” From ’88 to ’91, Conan was on the SNL writing crew, penning or helping to pen some epic sketches like “Girl Watchers” with Jon Lovitz and Tom Hanks, and the laugh-out-loud “Mr. Short Term Memory” acts. He popped up in […]

That Show – An SNL Thanksgiving

Nick shares his 10 favorite Thanksgiving themed sketches/songs/bits from “Saturday Night Live” over the years. They include scary Thanksgiving parade floats terrorizing a family; Debbie Downer ruining everyone’s dinner with stories about war, death and feline AIDS; a group of adults sitting at the “kids’ table” acting like 9-year-olds;  a […]

That Show – Let’s Get Sassy!!

Nick looks back a pair of weird sketches that aired on “Saturday Night Live” in 1993, bombing the first time and killing the second. The sketches, featuring a hilarious Phil Hartman as the fictional editor of the real teen magazine “Sassy,” interviewing teenage heartthrobs, were meant to be satires of […]

That Show – Special Guest: Sean Abley

Nick Digilio welcomes one of the founders of Chicago’s Factory Theater, Sean Abley, who is also a successful playwright, author, actor/director, and journalist who studied at Second City, and is a “Saturday Night Live” fanatic. Sean discusses how he began watching SNL at a very young age (too young, some […]

That Show – Norman Bates Hosts SNL

Actor Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates from “Psycho”) hosted “Saturday Night Live” just once (on March 13th 1976, during the show’s first season), and while he did a surprisingly great job, the episode was filled with weird moments, terrible sketches, a musical guest that had a terrible night, and some insane technical problems […]

That Show – F Bombs on SNL

Live TV can be a tricky and sometimes scary adventure, no one knows that more than the people who have worked on “Saturday Night Live’ throughout the years. In this episode, Nick takes a look at the rare times that the dreaded “F” Bomb has been uttered on the stage […]

That Show – The 10 Most Popular SNL Clips On YouTube

Like seemingly everyone in the world, “Saturday Night Live” has a YouTube channel, and in this episode, Nick looks at the Top 10 Most Viewed SNL Clips on that channel. It’s important to note, that this list ONLY represents the SNL YouTube Channel specifically, not the internet in general. The […]

That Show – Special Guest: Chris Margetis

Nick welcomes actor/writer/producer/professional wrestler Chris Margetis to the podcast to discuss his love of “Saturday Night Live,” its influence on his writing and performing, and his history of watching the show since he was 7 years-old. They talk about the sketches from childhood that Chris loved, and the latest work […]

That Show – Black Jeopardy with Doug

Nick looks back at one of the best, most surprising, and most subtle political sketches in SNL history:  “Black Jeopardy with Doug.” The sketch appeared on an episode of “Saturday Night Live” from October 2016 (during the intense height of the Trump/Clinton campaign) in which host Tom Hanks plays a […]

That Show – Goober The Clown

Nick talks about Cecily Strong’s incredible Weekend Update Feature piece in which she played “Goober The Clown.” On September 1st, 2021, Texas effectively banned abortions, leading to other bans and changes in policy and law. So, in response to the ban, on the November 6th 2021 episode of SNL, Strong […]

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