That Show – The Malcolm McDowell Tragedy

On November 22nd, 1980, actor Malcolm McDowell hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and to put it kindly, it was a disaster. The episode started with a lousy Cold Open, followed by an uninspired monologue (which you will hear), a brutal bit involving an S&M “Leather Weather” report, many sight gags that […]

That Show – Colonel Angus

Nick takes a hilarious look back at one of the funniest (and dumbest) sketches in SNL history: “Colonel Angus.” Written by Tina Fey and featuring the weird and hilarious Christopher Walken as the Colonel, this crude, one-joke piece revolves around making as many sexual references as possible connected to the […]

That Show – That Night That Python Bombed on SNL

“Monty Python’s Flying Circus” was a major influence on the early days of “Saturday Night Live.” As Monty Python gained huge popularity in America, SNL was also making its mark. In this episode, Nick looks back at the time Michael Palin and John Cleese appeared on SNL in 1997—and absolutely […]

That Show – Season 49: That’s a Wrap

Season 49 of “Saturday Night Live” has wrapped, and in this episode, Nick takes a comprehensive look back at the entire season. He reviews all 20 episodes, sharing dates, details, behind-the-scenes stories, and more. Nick ranks the episodes from best to worst, discussing the standout hosts and musical guests, both […]

That Show – P.T. Anderson is a ‘FANatic’

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the most acclaimed writer/directors in the history of film, with such credits as: “Boogie Nights,” “Magnolia,” “Punch-Drunk Love,” There Will Be Blood,” “Licorice Pizza,” and more. In this episode, Nick looks back at P.T.A.’s connection to “Saturday Night Live,” including talking about his early […]

That Show – Live from New York, It’s The Eddie Murphy Show!

On Saturday, December 11, 1982, actor Nick Nolte was supposed to be the host of “Saturday night Live,” but (for unexplained, and possibly booze related reasons) he was a no-show. Instead, for the first – and only – time, a current cast member stepped in as host, and it was: […]

That Show – Underrated Characters

Nick looks back at some of the most memorable characters in “Saturday Night Live” history that never took really off and became as legendary as they should have. The outrageous ESPN commentators Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink (played by Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte) are featured here, along with Lilith-Fair […]

That Show – Well, The Cast Thought It Was Funny

Breaking character and laughing during a sketch on “Saturday Night Live” used to be frowned upon back in the day, but over the years, performers cracking up and losing it on stage, has become a thing that audiences love, and that Lorne Michaels more than tolerates. In this episode, Nick […]

That Show – Uncle Miltie Hosts SNL!

Nick looks back, analyzes, tells some secret stories, and plays back a good portion of one of the most notorious episodes in the history of “Saturday Night Live.” It’s the night that “Mr. Television Himself” (as he insisted on being introduced that evening) Milton Berle hosted the show, and the […]

That Show – The Return of Jon Rudnitsky

In this brand-new episode, Nick is joined by comedian, writer, and actor Jon Rudnitsky, who was not only a cast member for one season of “Saturday Night Live,” but he was also the very first guest on this podcast!! Nick and Jon catch up, chat about the best SNL bits […]

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