Nick looks back at some of the most memorable characters in “Saturday Night Live” history that never took really off and became as legendary as they should have. The outrageous ESPN commentators Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink (played by Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte) are featured here, along with Lilith-Fair standup comedian/singer Cinder Calhoun (portrayed by the great Ana Gasteyer), novelty toy creators the Minkmans (Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest) and finally, the shady lawyer Nathan Thurm (a brilliant Martin Short). You’ll hear the background of each funny creation, how they were created, and which episodes each of the characters appeared on. Plus, you’ll hear the hilarious origin story of Nathan Thurm as told by Martin Short to Conan O’Brien, and more. These underrated characters may not have the most quoted catch phrases of all time, or most popular merch ever sold, but they are very funny, and very memorable nonetheless. [Ep73]