On November 22nd, 1980, actor Malcolm McDowell hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and to put it kindly, it was a disaster. The episode started with a lousy Cold Open, followed by an uninspired monologue (which you will hear), a brutal bit involving an S&M “Leather Weather” report, many sight gags that bombed HARD, and a sketch featuring McDowell and Gilbert Gottfried in drag. To top it off, the talent-free Charles Rocket appeared as a stripping/flashing Prince Charles. These elements combined to create what many consider the worst SNL episode of all time—a claim that is arguable but the episode remains a train-wreck of biblical proportions.

It all culminates in one of the most offensive, least funny, and ill-timed sketches ever aired on the show: “Commie Hunting Season.” In this sketch, not only is the “n” word freely used by cast member Rocket, but murder, mayhem, and shock value are emphasized instead of satire. You will hear this jaw-droppingly awful sketch in its entirety, learn how it got on air (and BOMBED to a deadly silent crowd), and how it, along with two other horrible sketches, contributed to this nightmare.

This episode marked the first chink in Executive Producer Jean Doumanian’s armor, eventually leading to her inevitable firing. While many painfully unfunny sketches exist in SNL history, could this be the worst? You be the judge. [Ep79]