Breaking character and laughing during a sketch on “Saturday Night Live” used to be frowned upon back in the day, but over the years, performers cracking up and losing it on stage, has become a thing that audiences love, and that Lorne Michaels more than tolerates. In this episode, Nick plays back some classic examples of “breaking” during sketches, and gives you the background of each sketch, and the story behind the comedic disruptions that occurred. From one of the first examples (way back in 1976, featuring Candice Bergen and Gilda Radner), to a now legendary example from just a few weeks ago (involving Heidi Gardner and a couple of characters who look like Beavis and Butthead), people losing it on the stage in Sudio 8H is not uncommon, and you will hear all about 5 classic bits. Featuring hilarious work from Drew Barrymore, Ryan Gosling, Jimmy Fallon (perhaps The King of Breaking), Josh Brolin, Will Ferrell, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig, Mike Day, and, Hader visiting Seth Meyers’ show and more. The cast may have laughed, but so did the audience with these memorable moments from SNL. [Ep72]