Nick takes a hilarious look back at one of the funniest (and dumbest) sketches in SNL history: “Colonel Angus.” Written by Tina Fey and featuring the weird and hilarious Christopher Walken as the Colonel, this crude, one-joke piece revolves around making as many sexual references as possible connected to the main character’s name, filled with nudge-nudge gags for about five minutes straight. The result is a classic, riotous, and often-quoted sketch that has lasted far longer than anyone (especially Fey) ever anticipated.

In this episode, you’ll hear all about the writing and background of the sketch, the immediate response, and how it played that night. It has gone on to receive much acclaim and love, even prompting Conan O’Brien to discuss it with Fey just three days after it aired (you’ll hear that conversation too).

Nick also runs down every “Saturday Night Live” episode that Walken has hosted, complete with dates, episode numbers, and classic moments. Additionally, he delves into Fey’s background and history with SNL. It’s a silly sketch, but also one of the flat-out funniest, and it’s all celebrated on this episode of “That Show…” [Ep78]