A Podcast from Sonoma, CA featuring experts Brian Casey, Sam Coturri, Bart Hansen & host John Myers. Taking the stuffiness out of wine every Friday!


2004, 2018

The Wine Makers – 1970 Margaux

This week we welcome Ian Blessing from the French Laundry and open up some 1970 Margaux and some old non-vintage Champagne. Sam and Bart discuss the recent rain storms and how they’ll affect the vineyards.

Recorded at Bart Hansen’s house on Sonoma Mountain over-looking some of the most historic vineyards in the County.

1304, 2018

The Wine Makers – Jeff Bundschu

This week we welcome Jeff Bundschu from the historic Gundlach-Bundschu Winery. This Sonoma landmark planted vines in 1858 and has been harvesting grapes ever since. Jeff shares his deep passion of music and wine, and their relationship to each other in his own life. We learn about his family hi-jacking a train and kidnapping Richard Branson. His story of last years fire is truly terrifying.

Ian Blessing, from the team at the French Laundry joins the show to discuss the new breed of sommelier. We open up a bottle of 1982 Gundlach-Bundschu Kleinberger, these vines have since been ripped out and no longer exist in California.